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Tour Stop at Jezioro Żarnowieckie

Poland is (except for a research reactor[1]) nuclear free at the moment, but the government is discussing a new nuclear power plant, most likely at Jezioro Żarnowieckie[2]. Jezioro Żarnowieckie is a lake in Northern Poland. The surface area of the lake is 1,431 hectare large; it is up to 16 meter deep.[3] It is located in the north of the country near the Baltic Sea, about 50 km northwest of Gdańsk, just to the south of its namesake village Żarnowiec[4]

Already in 1982 a NPP was supposed to be constructed at the Eastern shore of Jezioro Żarnowieckie, but in 1990 the construction work was cancelled as a result of protests connected to the Chernobyl catastrophe. The already ordered supplies were sold to Loviisa in Finland and Paks in Hungary instead.[3]

The Baltic Sea Info Tour stopped from July 21-23 at Jezioro Żarnowieckie. We provided a public information event, a public street action and a regional network gathering here.

Local contact

Travel Schedule of the Jezioro Żarnowieckie Stop

  • Tuesday (Jul 20): travelling from the earlier stop and resting days in Vilnius to Jezioro Żarnowieckie
  • Wednesday - Friday (Jul 21-23): STOP at Jezioro Żarnowieckie
  • Saturday (Jul 24): travelling to the next stop in Greifswald
  • Sunday (Jul 25): INTERIM EVALUATION of the previous stops in Greifswald

Program of the Jezioro Żarnowieckie Stop

Białogóra - Żarnowiec - Gdańsk

Young people from the Baltic countries started in July and August for a informational trip around the Baltic Sea called "The Baltic Sea Info Tour 2010". Together with anti-nuclear organizations participants of this project it carried out educational workshops for local communities regarding risks arising from nuclear energy. In Poland this anti-nuclear congress was organised in Białogóra, near Żarnowieckie lake, a place "picked" by the government for second time for building nuclear power plant.

July 20, Tuesday
Arrival of participants in the Family Camping in Białogórze Checz Kashubian, st. Lubiatowska 8, tel 58 774 14 10, 502 502 144

July 21, Wednesday

10.00-14.00 informational action around the Żarnowieckie lake
18.00-20.00 meeting with owners of campings and guest houses and residents of surrounding communities - Camping Checz Kaszubska (lectures, discussion)

July 22, Thursday

11.00-12.00 handing over the petition and model to Pomeranian Governor titled "Chernobyl 24 years after "- Provincial Office ul. Okopowa 21/27, 80-810 Gdańsk, (0 58) 30 77 695
13.00-15-00 Happening of Anti-nuclear Congress st. Długa
18.00 discussion (meeting) "Does Poland need nuclear energy?" In Political criticism, Gdańsk, st. Nowe Ogrody in 35 (second floor), 80-802 Gdańsk, tel: 58 304 75 22

July 23, Friday
Camping Checz Kashubian - cleaning and farewell to participants of the Congress

July 24, Saturday
travelling to the next stop in Greifswald

For more information on the Internet:

Report from Jezioro Żarnowieckie

Anti-nuclear tour: Stop in Poland

On Tuesday, July 20th, the Baltic Sea Info tour, an anti-nuclear initiative addressing the radioactive pollution of the Baltic Sea, reached its 6th tour stop in Poland.

Our stop in Jezioro Żarnowieckie was located in a nice camping site named Białogóra, close to the Baltic Sea, where we met the local anti-nuclear initiative and different Polish organizations for two days of networking, discussions and anti-nuclear action.

July 21, Wednesday
On the morning of our first day we had an action to spread some information around the Żarnowieckie lake: on the way to the beach we put different banners in the trees and distributed leaflets to the people. A lot of people didn’t know much about nuclear energy in general, and a lot of people don’t know anything about the plans to construct a nuclear power plant in their region.

In the evening we met with owners of the camp ground and guest houses, as well as with residents of surrounding communities (e.g.Camping Checz Kaszubska) for lectures and discussions. Around 30 people came and our discussion lasted for 3 hours.

July 22, Thursday
In Thursday morning we went to Gdansk. Here we handed over a petition titled "Chernobyl 24 years after" and model to the Pomeranian Governor. Later there was an anti-nuclear Congress St. Długa and we marched in the city with banners and spread leaflets. This was very interesting for the local media and we got a lot of media attention.

In evening we had discussion about the question "Does Poland need nuclear energy?" in the debate club “Political criticism” in Gdańsk. Around 25 people discussed about different sides of nuclear energy for 3 hours. Later, we went back to Białogóra.

The next day we packed up our stuff and headed on to our next stop in Greifswald in Germany. We will continue with reports from there, and, once again: we want YOU to join in on our tour! Contact us via:[5]. For more information, look at our website

Other Information about the Jezioro Żarnowieckie Stop

  • July 21 - happening on the seaside; meeting with local governments and owner of pension, hotels
  • July 22 - meeting in provincial department (petition, media meeting); happening in Gdańsk
  • Media Coverage:

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