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This infotour stop took place in Kaarnaranta in Isnäs
The days were used for meetings, workshops and lectures
Mostly they took place in the garden of the house as the weather was great...
Discussing the programme of the next days...
Workshop at Kaarnaranta in Isnäs
Workshop at Kaarnaranta in Isnäs - media work
Banner Workshop
Olkiluoto Blockade on August 28
...and more banners to be used at the actions in Helsinki on July 1
Workshop at Kaarnaranta in Isnäs - translation of flyers

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Tour Stop in Loviisa/Isnäs

Loviisa is the location of one of two nuclear power plants in Finland. It is situated by the Southern coast of Finland, some 87 kilometers east of Helsinki. On the site of the NPP also a final disposal site for low and medium level radioactive waste is located. Isnäs is a village not too far from Loviisa, where an ecological farm is located as well as a cooperative and where several activists are living.

The Baltic Sea Info Tour stopped in Loviisa and Isnäs from June 26-28. The night from June 25th to 26th was Midsummer and was, as usual, connected to long party nights. Thus we had an anti-nuclear Midsummer party there.

The Baltic Sea Info Tour provided a public information event and a regional network gathering in Isnäs.

Accommodation took place at the seaside camping area of Isnäs. Food was prepared and eaten at Kaarnaranta, a hostel operated by the mentioned cooperative. There we also had our internal meetings, the network gathering and the information event.

Local contact

NUFF - Nuclear Free Finland

Travel Schedule of the Loviisa Stop

  • Friday (Jun 25): travelling from the previous stop in Ǻland to Loviisa/Isnäs
  • Saturday - Monday (Jun 26-28): STOP in Loviisa/Isnäs
  • Tuesday (Jun 29): travelling to the next stop in Helsinki

Anti-nuclear Midsummer Party in Isnäs

On Friday evening, June 25th, we had an anti-nuclear Midsummer party at the harbour of Isnäs. It was Midsummer eve, thus most people were partying anyway. We attracted others to join us and to discuss nuclear issues while having fun and socializing. There were local artists as well as music from CDs broughtto the party.

Regional Network Gathering in Isnäs

The Midsummer weekend is a difficult time for having serious events in Finland. Anyway, we did provide the chance for local activists to make contacts to people from farer away and from other countries, to get to know each other and their activities and to start cooperation projects for the close future. Thus we had working groups on certain projects to prepare activities and to develop the long-term partnerships. The regional network gathering took place in Kaarnaranta in Isnäs on Sunday June 27th at 2 PM. Read more

Public Information Event in Isnäs

The main topic of our information event in Isnäs was the difficulties of safe final disposal of nuclear waste. We had a lecture about "The Nuclear Waste Disposal Disaster in Germany" and the film "Uranium - Is It A Country?" about the hazardous impacts of uranium mining. The info event started on Monday June 28th at 6 PM in Kaarnaranta in Isnäs. We also asked for a lecture about the threats connected to the Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant - this could be an additional topic for the evening.

Report on the infotour stop in Loviisa/Isnäs

It is mid-summer’s eve, the biggest celebration of the year in Finland. Tonight the sun doesn’t set at all. People are arriving bit by bit.

During the course of the evening we prepare a common meal, kids go fishing, music is playing – live and acoustic – and laughter and chitchat could be overheard around the great finnish ritual bonfire set afire in our homebeach, as well as different parts of the archipelago we have settled in. We had vegan pancakes. With syrup - Chocolate syrup.

A glorious morning begins with a glorious breakfast! All organic, all vegan. To kick off creative, we put in first the banner-making workshop. Slogans fly around the air, again mixed with laughter creating a good atmosphere and a new look for old bed sheets. At 2 pm, everyone gathers together. We discuss future events, including the Olkiluoto blockade in August 28. There will be an election in the Finnish Parliament concerning permissions for 2 new Nuclear Power Plants in Finland and we need to discuss on how to be visible there the following week and the remaining info tour.Later, we had a media workshop and a workout at a nearby organic farm. It was nice to have time to enjoy a campfire at the end of our day.

We start the day again with a banner workshop. While the paint dries we continue Saturday’s topics and introduce some new ideas after a good night’s sleep. We also continue our media work. To wind down the rational side of the brain we head through a dense forest to find a collectively built bird-watching tower. From the tower you can see amazing views, including the Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant.

To release the aggression created by the man-made ecohazard we take a short walk to an organic farm, which’s greenhouse offers us an opportunity to let off steam by turning the soil upside down. By midnight we’re finished – with the work and otherwise too – and ready for a relaxing sauna coupled with some snacks. It really feels good to hit the bunk when you’re tired.

Some participants sleep very late, only to find that there is no worms for the late bird. After a quick breakfast even the last of the participants put their back in to work, it being today mostly documenting the event and dealing with documents (translations etc). To balance between physical and brain work, some participants take their break to practise handstanding and cartwheels. Why not? When the documents are done and the place is cleaned, the gang is ready to relax by watching film documentaries and following a presentation about the flipside of Nuclear Energy. Now you feel you’re alive.

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