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The basic schedule for the regional network gathering includes:

  1. introduction of the participants and the projects/activities they are involved in
    • circle - who are you? (name, your topics, your activities) - 15-20 minutes
  2. brainstorming of future activities (projects, campaigns, actions, events) against nuclear power
    • campaigns, actions, projects for the next future - what do you plan? - 15-30 minutes
    • focussing on certain of these activities for developing cooperations on them
  3. smaller groups will discuss these selected activities, prepare them and figure out how their cooperation will look like
    • working groups to develop certain of the mentioned projects - 2x60 minutes or 4x30 minutes

We will continue the discussions and planning processes on the network gatherings at each stop. Thus, this webpage gathers all the information and new notes of certain local gatherings will be added here to those activities.

Follow-ups of the Infotour

This is a collection of the projects and activities which were discussed in the regional network gatherings.

  • Olkiluoto Blockade (FIN) - August 28, 2010
    • seminar in Rauma connected to the blockade on the day after - August 29, 2010
    • blockade trainings in Tampere, Helsinki, Oulu(?), Rauma, ...
    • buses from Tampere and Helsinki
      • also busses from several other cities in Finland and Europe?
    • logo? banner for websites?
    • add maps on website
    • create flyer with facts
    • camping possibilities in the area
      • organize maps and information about camping possibilities, cabins etc.
    • info stall at bus meeting point with maps, hints for actions in the region, legal advice
    • info system for action day (SMS lists, email, twitter, website,... )
    • spread posters + flyers
    • legal advice for the blockade and in general about Finnish situation
    • give links to websites with info about this kind of action in other countries
  • Anti-atomic demonstration in Berlin (D) - September 18, 2010
  • Castor Transport to Gorleben (D) - 2nd or third week of November, 2010
  • International Nuclear Waste (MAYAK) Action Day - September 29, 2010
  • ESPOO Convention signature campaign to make Russia ratify it
  • Campaign against NPP plans in Belarus - solidarity letter
  • International Network Gathering maybe as part of the International Nuclear Activists Conference in Lancaster (UK) - March 9-11, 2010
  • Nuclear Baltic Map/Brochure
    • map on the website
    • distribute the booklet/brochure in the end of October
  • NukeNews Newsletter Sytem
  • Anti-nuclear Info Flyers
    • Uranium Mining in Finland and Sweden
    • Final Disposal of Nuclear Waste in Finland and Sweden
    • Olkiluoto 3
    • Nuclear Power Plants in Finland
    • Uranium Chain -> translations
      • Finnish: in process of translation
      • German: in process of translation
      • Russian: in process of translation
  • Uranium Mining Exhibition
    • mentioning that uranium "certificates" are bullshit
  • Nuclear Heritage Website
  • Anti-uranium Mining Activities (FIN)
  • Local actions (FIN)
    • small rallies
  • New Facebook group
  • Writing to news papers
    • opinions, columns
  • Film from Forsmark (delivering)
  • Gatherings anti-nuclear groups in different parts of Finland to take part in the most important events (blockade?)
  • Images of nuclear threats to nature
    • beautiful nature -> destruction
  • collection of films about nuclear issues (FIN)
    • like a library
  • collection of songs against nuclear power
  • do something about the Final Disposal Site applications in Sweden end of 2010, in Finland 2010
  • "Vote Nuclear Power to History" campaign (FIN) - until spring 2011
    • people give their signatures that they will not vote for MPs who voted for new NPPs
  • Nuclear Waste & Pollution Conference in Minsk (BY) - probably March, 2011
  • add as a resource to the Tour homepage and in our material