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On this page we try to develop an idea what has to be organized when for the Baltic Sea Info Tour.

Objectives: What needs (more or less) to be ready/available when the tour is to start

  • Plans for Activities, e.g.:
    • Public events
    • Presentations
    • Practical workshops
    • Actions
    • Meetings with groups
    • Other program, f.ex. visits to nuclear facilities
  • Promotion, Informing, Outreach, Advertizing
    • Locally/Regionally! (ideally done also by local/regional partner)
    • to potentially interested groups
    • to/in media?
  • General info for travel planning
    • Valid passports...
    • National currencies?
    • IT info, f.ex. phone connections
    • Legal & dito:
      • Possible visas (visa applications in time!)
      • Regulations regarding political activities etc
      • Camping possibilities?
      • Special issues like temporary cancelings of Schengen-agreement etc...
    • Public transport and/or Traffic Info
    • Insurances for people (& cars) etc
  • General Idea of what we're going to do at the stopping points
    • Basic info about the place, Local Situation & Prominent Issues
    • Local contact persons/groups
    • Specific program for specific location
    • Local outreach & promotion!
    • Any needed venues/accomodation etc
  • Material for different aspects of tour:
    • Money(!!!) for everything we can't get for free:
      • for expenses during preparation
      • for what we need to buy while on tour (f.ex. food, fuel, printing more flyers)
      • for unexpected/unplanned expenses
    • Material for advance informing/promotion (flyers, posters etc)
    • Infopapers etc to distribute
      • Option of printing/aqcuiring material while on tour?
      • Leaflets, brochures
      • Posters (f.ex. Nuclear Baltic Map)
    • Stuff for demo/action/theater/whatever, material for general creativity...?
    • Presentation/workshop material (digital, papers & posters, pictures etc)
      • Video projector & canvas?
    • Traveling needs:
      • Food & drink (lots of coffee, hahaha!)
      • Cooking utensils?
      • Camping equipment?
      • Safety & hygiene, & generally useful utensils (duct tape:)...)
      • Vehicle maintenance + generally useful tools (& skills...)
    • Portable internet access? (would need contract or arrangements in every country?)
    • Phones (and arrangement in every country)
    • other IT of interest?
    • Electricity source(s)? (could be solar panels f.ex.)
    • Personal stuff...
  • A sufficient number of People touring
    • If different persons are taking part in different parts of the tour, a Schedule (& corresponding planning) would be good!
    • Possible tasks to be circulated, shared or divided:
      • Driving
      • Cooking
      • Other practical tasks
      • Arrangements
      • Events/workshops/presentations
      • Outwards contact & corresponcence
      • Press/media work
  • Transportation of people & material
    • Different options:
    • Car/s
      • Recycled veg. oil engine?
        • needed knowledge/skills!?
    • Bicycles (could be nice also if mainly traveling with cars)
    • Public transport
    • Hired transport

Transport arr. of course depends on amount of people/stuff & of kilometres etc.

What have we got so far? Check the List here!

Thoughts, Plans & Deadlines

i.e. creating concrete timeline...

before the Lapland Camp

(May, June, July, 2009):

  • J plans to work on the Nuclear Baltic Map (find info about sites & nuclear activity, improve map)
  • looking and contacting groups around the Baltic Sea (especially J. wanted to do this)
  • find more people participating in the preparation (especially J. and Falk commited to do this)
  • maybe a support gig for promotion and financial support (J starts arranging, but not clear if it will be before or after the Lapland Camp)
  • make first infomaterial
  • EU YiA Youth Exchange application: The first application draft should be ready for the Lapland Camp to discuss it there and to find partner groups

G. will try to write the first draft, but they need another person to support writing it! (Falk will help with corrections and hints on it, but won't write the application)

  • in May - Skype conversation/meeting
  • 1st postcard: 6,000 copies printed, start distributing!
  • Falk will promote the Tour in North America
  • Write!: invitation to take part in the project/preparation
    • J. will send a draft around soon!
    • send!! - to mailing lists, individuals and groups around the Baltic Sea, that could be potential partner groups.

Nuclear Climate Camp in Lapland in July, 2009

  • Workshop to present the project
  • find supporting groups, partner groups and people participating in the preparation
  • preparation meeting

August 09

EU YiA Youth Exchange application deadline: September 1st, 2009 last deadline: February 1st, 2010; If the application failed in the first trial (1.9.) we could try again with a modificated application - but for this way we need to do it at least 2 periods before the last deadline, because the decision would be at the end of the period (1.11.) between two deadlines and we would need the second period (1.2.) to change the application.

  • Make it ready during August!

Autumn 2009

(September, October, November)

1.11: decision given about EU YiA application.

  • Nov-jan: Rework application for second deadline (1.2) ?

Preparation Meeting/Open Workshop

Maybe in Germany, Greifswald (location of former GDR NPP + active group working on energy topic) or Bad Oldesloe (near Hamburg, 3 NPP sites around + active group) If we get good contacts in some place in the Baltic countries (EE, LV, LT) this would also be an interesting location for the meeting.

Some topics for the Meeting:

  • Decide rough timeline of tour, i.e. when the tour will be in what region.
  • Decide date for printing Promotion Flyer (December 2009?)
  • If the meeting is in november (which would be quite late though), one topic will be how the EU YiA app. have gone.

Write/Make Promotion Flyer during Autumn! so it can be distributed at the JUKSS 09/10...

  • template provided in the internet to print it yourself
  • frontpage: information text to motivate (J. will write it)
  • backside:
    • schedule and locations of the Tour
    • section with feedback points to fill out by the participants (Falk will send a draft around soon)
    • layout: Falk will ask someone
  • in different languages: translators needed!

poster: November, 2009

  • for usage at the COP and JUKSS in December and further events & to send it to groups in the world
  • G. will do the layout in autumn

Winter 09-10

(December, January, February)

Invitation (1st): Beginning of December 2009

  • to use it in context of the COP, JUKSS etc.
  • aim: inform people (& groups & orgs...) about the project and the timeline to be considered if they plan other projects/action

Flyers: print in December 2009 (to be ready for JUKSS 09/10)

EU YiA Youth Exchange application last deadline: February 1st, 2010!

1st Tour press release: beginning of 2010?

Spring 2010

(March, April, May)

2nd invitation in spring (early)

  • aim: invite people early enough to participate in the Tour and to plan their summer (J. will check out common deadlines for summer job & school application: the invit. should come earlier!)

3rd invitation: 4 weeks before the start of the Tour

  • aim: to remind people and reach people planning more spontaneously

- Maybe: 2nd postcard in spring? (or earlier?)

  • another postcard with focus on the participation in the Tour. 6,000 copies, or more?

2nd Tour press release: some weeks before the start of the Tour

Summer 2010 (June, July, August): Time-frame of the concrete Tour

Still not fixed if the Tour will last the whole time or a part of this time-frame. The duration depends on the capacities of the participating people & supporting groups

Make Clear!

Finishing The Project

And Then?

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