Blockade of the Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Factory successful

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Blockade of the Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Factory successful

This is a message from the organizers of this action day.

Thank you so much for your involvement at the Big Blockade on Monday October 27th at Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Establishment!

As most of us only saw what was happening at our own gate, here is an overview of the action:

  • Main Gate was blocked for an hour by two groups sitting in the road, one using superglue.
  • Falcon Gate was blocked to most traffic for most of the morning by demonstrators standing around and (unintentionally) by the police!
  • Tadley Gate was blocked for over two hours by angels, super glue, chains and tubes cleverly disguised as teddy bears, as well as a determined crew who simply sat on the ground.
  • Home Office Gate was blocked for about three hours by a group using a lock-on tube inside concrete, and later Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp blocked the road between Construction Gate and Home Office gate for three more hours. A tripod was erected in the middle of the road, one woman sat at the top and three women sat around the poles at the base.
  • Construction Gate was blocked from 6:45 to 12 noon. There were nine blockaders, four were locked on and five sat in front of them, not locked on. At about 10am the police came to cut out the locked on people but made no arrests.

Altogether, around 300 people demonstrated, over 60 people engaged in nonviolent direct action, and 33 were arrested. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) chair Kate Hudson declared: "This is the largest blockade of Aldermaston for many years and signals an increased public concern about Britain 's weapons of mass destruction." Don’t forget that post-arrest court support is available. Please ring 0845 4588 361 or email blockawe AT[1] if you have any further questions about legal support.

Campaigns and organizations working on this topic:

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