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Time zones used on the Nuclear Heritage Network website

As many projects or events mentioned on this website are concerning people from different time zones, it is often necessary to define which zone the time mentioned is releated to. In documentations of events such as nuclear accidents we usually refer to the original time zones. In case of appointments or events we usually use the local time. However, many event times are marked as "CET" (Central European Time) as many of our activists are based in this region.

Basically, times mentioned in this website are local times. If confusion would be expected, the related time zone (e.g. CET) should be mentioned.

CET explanation by Wikipedia

The Central European Time (CET), used in most parts of the European Union, is a standard time which is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The time offset from UTC can be written as +01:00. The same standard time, UTC+01:00, is also known as Middle European Time (MET, German: MEZ) and under other names like Romance Standard Time.[1]

The 15th meridian east is the central axis for UTC+01:00 in the world system of time zones.

As of 2011 all member states of the European Union observe summer time; those that use CET during the winter use Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC+02:00, daylight saving time in summer.