Czech government has approved a new Raw Material Policy – it opens the way for uranium mining

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The government has approved a new Raw Material Policy – it opens the way for uranium mining

Although the parts related to the Brzkov uranium mining proposal were exempt from the new Czech Raw Material Policy after a public hearing in February 2017, the policy still causes concern for locals in Brzkov and other uranium sites regarding uranium mining in the future.

The legal representative of four municipalities, private landowners and the association called “Our Future Without Uranium” issued a press release called "Raw Material Policy has been definitely approved! It is only a matter of time when uranium races start, and not just in our region, warns people from Brzkov". According to this press release the policy approved by the Government of the Czech Republic on June 14, 2017 allows “mining companies to request exploration of the deposit, extension of the protected deposit area and last but not least, commission the environmental impact assessment (EIA) documentation and thus obtain preferential rights for future mining." This behavior is conditioned by economic factors, such as the spot uranium prices.

At the same time, Government Resolution No. 1086 of 22 December 2014, which decided to commence preparations for the extraction of uranium deposit at Brzkov - Horní Věžnice, is still in effect. According to Mayor of the Přibyslav town, Martin Kamarád, this resolution was approved on the basis of a feasibility study of the Brzkov deposit conducted by state enterprise GEAM DIAMO, which did not address some major impacts on local municipalities in the case of mining. In addition, the study requested, on the basis of surveys from the 1980s, to extend the existing protected deposit area Brzkov-Horní Věžnice about four times. The originally proposed text of Raw Material Policy mentioned this requirement, but due to public pressure it did not pass.

Olga Kališová, Calla (June 16, 2017)