G20 - July 7/8, 2017 in Hamburg

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The G20 (Abbreviation for the group of the twenty most important industrialized and emerging countries) is an informal merger of 19 countries and the European Union. It is designed as a forum for the cooperation and consultation about issues of the international financial system.

WE strive for a completely different climate, and there will be large-scale and resolute protests in Hamburg against the politics of the G20 countries aimed at economic growth, optimization of profits and competition promoting global groups of companies, rich people and financial markets. The global consequences of such politics are increasing social inequality, marginalization, environmental destruction and climate change, wars, flight and impoverishment.

The world is off the rails. Anybody who wants to change it will need other basic attitudes for a new type of politics.

During the past years, many different movements for a solidary society have emerged: Against "Free Trade Agreements", with "We are all sick off", in the Freedom and Welcoming Movement, against Pegida, AfD and other Nazis, with "Right to the city" or for a worldwide climate justice and against nuclear power.

We jointly want to make visible the solidary-emancipatory pole of society at the G20 summit. The cynical "Keep it up" of the G20 shall be contradicted by our approaches for a socially just, peaceful and ecologically sustainable world. It will be a triad of counter-summit, actions of civil disobedience and a large-scale demonstration on July 8!!

Ideas on a festival in 10 cities at 10 weekends for the mobilization for the G20 summit become more real: Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Wendland, Hannover, Leipzig, Rostock, Berlin. Everybody loving basses and believing in music and joy pushing resistance and ready to participate in the organization shall contact makebassgreatagain AT gmail DOT com[1]

Further information:

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