International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Skype conference 04.07.2012

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Skype conference 04.07.2012

  • decide who will write the minutes of the Skype conference
  • discuss agenda's proposal

Agenda's Proposal

1) State of affairs
   a) Tasks: what has been done since last meeting, what is urgently 
      to be done (info from everyone)
   b) Participants: who will join from which country? (update)
   c) financial issues - update

2) Travel costs refunding
   Discussion of applications for travel costs refunding of
non-EU-country participants
3) Promotion a) press releases: translation, media contacts, send it out; new release for camp start b) postal letters - update c) email invitations to anti-nuclear groups & individual friends (info from everyone) d) special invitation and communication with specific groups and people we want particularly to see in the camp e) social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, vkontakte, ... Hospitality Club, Couchsurfing, BeWelcome, ... (update) 4) Logistics check To Do list, open tasks list, list of responsibilities and open questions list 5) Set the program by topics: (postponed again) a) Presentations - what presentations groups will offer? What topics would we like to see in the camp? b) Networking - what network tools & workshops we want? - International Uranium Conference? - More suggestions? c) Open day? What to do with the remaining programme day? - Should there be an open day in the programme or not? Or better use the day for more presentations or for more networking? Here you can see the programme schedule proposal of the EU application (you have to scroll down to see it):

Some minutes

Participants: Falk, K., B., M., S.

  1. State of affairs: what has been done, what need to be done (To Do List at the website);
    • Flyers by post – nearly done;
    • International press release – the draft is ready, but has not been commented enough, however, we need to send out the release ASAP; the release needs to be translated in other languages; B. will try to translate it to German; Czech translation will follow later; adaptation to the country’s context (Germany, Austria, etc.)
    • Contact to uranium people in the Czech Republic – not clarified yet because camp promotion is more urgent at the moment (Falk)
    • Promotion at the Polish camp - K.; Falk will send flyers directly to Poland
    • Promotion on Hospitality Club and Couch Surfing – Laura (currently no information about what has been done)
  2. What has been done:
    • Falk sent invitations by post to German groups
    • Falk is ordering camp equipment
    • Falk is in process for construction works (outdoor kitchen, etc.); volunteers are needed
    • Falk was trying to update the (camp) website
    • Falk is trying to figure out if there will be a van at the camp, there’s a possibility to get one very cheap. If not, Falk will rent one
    • Several boxes of food were received; not enough for the camp but still nice
    • FOOD LIST - M. will send it on July 4/5
    • B. hasn’t got young participants from Austria yet
    • Possible problem: many young people from German speaking countries might be going to an anarchist camp that will take place at the same time (Falk)
    • Polish partner group is not replying (Falk)
    • Invitations to personal contacts in Finland (Falk)
    • Portugal, Lithuania and Slovenia will try to do their best; France – young participants might be the main problem (Falk)
    • K. sent invitations to anti-nuclear groups in Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Lithuania, Switzerland and Luxembourg; going to send invitations to groups in Finland and Latvia
    • K. has a new e-mail address: kristin AT[1]
    • M. did call-outs and food list
  3. Participant’s list: started by Falk
    • It will contain name, country, e-mail, phone number, age, date of arrival & departure
    • Falk will send it to the mailing list and everyone will add himself/herself to the participant’s list
  4. Participant from Azerbaijan:
    • Travel costs (400 eur) can be covered but Falk needs to close a contract with them
    • The participant from Azerbaijan has to be motivated to join us
    • Everyone agrees that these travel costs will be covered
    • Falk will contact them and give K.s e-mail address, so K. will be able to contact Azerbaijani people directly
  5. Financial issues: any updates?
    • At the moment the money is not a problem; finding of participants is the main problem;
    • Falk has had certain expenses (ordering of camp stuff, etc.);
  6. Certain groups we want to invite?
    • K., M. and B. don’t have such groups in mind
    • Falk has such groups, will deal with them later when he will have time
  7. Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Google Plus
    • Facebook event already exists but needs to be promoted by everyone
    • who will do the other social networks?
  8. Camp poster?
    • M. will ask their friends, maybe they have time to create one
  9. Other ideas for promotion?
  10. Logistics:
    • Only 2 toilettes and 2 showers (in the house)
    • Compost toilettes – not possible
    • Chemical toilettes – will be ordered only in critical situation
  11. Advanced planning visit issues
    • B. & L. will discuss it on Friday
  12. Camp rules – K. will send them to the mailing list
    • Short, clear rules
  13. Camp programme
    • Falk sent camp programme to the mailing list, so others can comment on it
    • Thursday, Aug 2 – buffer day? Open day? Flexible day?
    • Presentations – possible to use a projector
    • Presentation type? Sitting in a circle, standing in front of the audience, using PowerPoint, using printed materials, using no materials at all?
    • Presentations are for country presentation; workshops – for networking
  14. Car & a driver
    • Falk will try to get a car for free; if that will not be possible, the car is going to be rent
    • B. can be the driver
  15. Invitation by SMS?
    • M. suggests to do that
  16. List of responsibilites
    • Volunteers are needed for certain tasks
    • Is it possible to find those people at the camp? (S.) - Yes, but only for certain tasks.
  17. Presentation & workshop topics – postphoned to the next week

Next Skype conference will take place on 11.07 at 22.00 CET, K. will send the reminder

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