International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Skype conference 25.07.2012

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Skype conference 25.07.2012

  • decide who will write the minutes of the Skype conference
  • discuss agenda's proposal

Agenda's Proposal

1) State of affairs
   a) Tasks: what has been done since last meeting, what is urgently 
      to be done (info from everyone)
   b) Participants: who will join from which country? (update)
   c) financial issues - update

2) Promotion
   a) press releases: translation, media contacts, send it out;
      new release for camp start
   b) email invitations to anti-nuclear groups & individual friends
      (info from everyone)
   c) special invitation and communication with specific groups and
      people we want particularly to see in the camp
   d) social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, vkontakte, ...
   e) internet banner: create one, ask websites to include it
   f) poster: create one, spread it
3) Logistics
   check To Do list, open tasks list, list of responsibilities and
   open questions list

4) Set the programme by topics:
   a) Presentations - what presentations groups will offer?
      What topics would we like to see in the camp?
   b) Networking - what network tools & workshops we want? 
      - International Uranium Conference?
      - More suggestions?
   c) Open day?
      What to do with the remaining programme day? - Should there be
      an open day in the programme or not? Or better use the day for
      more presentations or for more networking?

   Here you can see the programme schedule proposal of the
   EU application (you have to scroll down to see it):  


participants: Falk, B.

  1. Participants
    • during the last three days several more interested people emailed to us; several people basically in Lithuania and Portugal depend on additional travel costs support to be able to come (otherwise they couldn't make it at all)
    • Falk organized an additional small budget besides the EU grant which will be available for the missing 30% of Portuguese participants to make sure they can come; for the Lithuanians there is an idea for another solution - more in detail at the camp
    • the current situation is that 18 people have confirmed their participation already, a few more are in email contact about it with us; we basically have much more budget to cover 70% of travel costs of participants for sure than requests; and we still have some budget for travel costs of additional participants left - thus, if you have people in mind who would come, but only with travel costs support, quickly tell them there would be probably a possibility to help - they just need to come in touch with us soon.
  2. Food supplies
    • many donations, e.g. tofu and soya drinks
    • vegetables and bread ordered fresh for every day (needs to be picked up daily)
    • food supplies with dry food ordered; food co-op in the house is also available (to be paid for)
    • some vegetables will be available from the garden
  3. Uranium excursion
    • decision to order a bus for excursion day for up to 22 people (attention: the bus has no air conditioning system, or it is damaged; the bus driver seriously asked us if we want to risk this as it could be very uncomfortable. but we decided for it as we have no alternatives and no capacities to organize something else)
    • there will be an excursion at the company's site which is responsible for the reclamation of the abandoned uranium mine; and afterwards a meeting with the local critics and information on threats connected to the uranium mine
    • we have to be at the site at 10 AM, so we will leave the camp between 6 and 7 AM. To be back around 7 PM we have to leave CZ between 4 and 5 PM
  4. setting up the camp
    • still not all construction work finished as Falk is now alone with all the work; on Fri-Sun there will still be important construction work to be done at the campsite (finishing outdoor kitchen, compost toilet)
    • setting up the group tents (workshops, presentations, group meetings...)
    • building info boards (construction of boards, adding infos); info signs to understand the infrastructure of the campsite
    • inventory of available food (including food coop) with amounts and best-before dates - to know what we can use for cooking and what needs to be used first
    • prepare the kitchen (build cupboards, put food and equipment inside)
    • parking slots have to be cleared for the camp - we have two spaces for cars (some participants will come with car, and we have the rented car there, too) that need to be cleared from construction work material and some vegetation
    • computer pool - not clear yet how much capacities will be there to prepare and configure it; at least one desktop computer with internet access should be possible
  5. phone number & picking up people
    • car will be available after Saturday; available to pick up people from train station or to bring them there (and for getting food to our place etc.)
    • info phone still unclear; will be clear only on short notice and available after Saturday - until this point of time the landline number of the project house has to be used (landline phone usable not very good at the camp site): +49 3431 5894177
  6. programme
    • presentation list has been updated
    • Falk will update the website on Thursday, July 26th
    • there won't be a booklet as no one spents time to prepare it

This was the last preparation Skype conference. See you at the camp!
Please don't forget to tell me your arrival time and where you will arrive (railway station etc...).