International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Finland

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Action during the meeting
Energy situation and NGO activities in Azerbaijan
First part of the schedule of the meeting
Nuclear situation and the resistance against it in Belarus
Having dinner together...
Nuclear situation in Finland and SLL activities opposing it
Uranium mining activities and the resistance against it in Finland
Brainstorming of international future anti-nuclear activities
Situation in Latvia
Nuclear situation and anti-nuclear resistance in Russia
Loads of computers - workshop to introduce the work on the Nuclear Heritage Network website
  • the winter meeting of the Network took place from March 25th-29th, 2010

There were interests of the Finnish anti-nuclear activists to use the network meeting to put pressure on the Finnish authorities at the end of March because of the expected decision about the proposal for more new NPPs in Finland. For this reason there was the idea to add a further day to the meeting to do some actions. So we had a 5-days event including four days of meeting and one day for action.

Another important issue was also the pressure of companies like the French Areva to mine uranium in several countries. People from several groups exchanged their knwolegde about the threats of these nuclear activities and informed about projects to raise the public awareness about these issues.

An important project to be discussed was the „Baltic Sea Info Tour“ that will take place this summer to inform people around the Baltic Sea about the pollution of this water body and to connect concerned people with each other.

Venues of the Meeting

As we couldn't get any spaces for free, we had to combine two "cheap" venues in and near Helsinki:

  • from March 24th-27th in Metsäpirtty
    • Turaniementie 61, 04370 Rusutjärvi, phone: phone +358 9 2755 430, +358 9 87182218
    • E-Mail: metsapirtti[a]
    • directions: Bus 640 (Helsinki - Hyrylä - Jokela--Hyvinkää)
      • From Helsinki, bus station in Kamppi, Platform 11, left on March 24th at 16:50; Metsäpirtti about 17:38 (Other times available, there are buses about 10 times/day from the platform 11)
    • Important: Metsäpirtti has covers, pillows and mattresses for everyone. All attendees need to have with them sheets and pillowcases!
  • from March 27th-29th on Kuusiluoto island in Helsinki
    • It is located in the center of Helsinki and accessable by walking 20min from bus stop - amazing place, like in the countryside with own wind turbine, solar power, sheeps and sauna but next to the city! The house and a smaller house can accommodate 20-30 people. We had four heated rooms - enough space for all participants.
    • As it would probably be cold, good sleeping bags were recommended.

Schedule of the Meeting

March 24th
arrival of the participants

March 25th
10.00 am:
Welcoming & presentation of the schedule

11.00 am:
Introduction of the Nuclear Heritage Network

01.00 pm:
Lunch + break

03.00 pm:
Presentations of the nuclear situations in the participatory countries

  • each attending group can present their general work and activities of the past time
  • 1/2 hour for each group + 5 minutes break between them
    • Political situation in Azerbaijan + activities in Azerbaijan
    • Nuclear situation in Bellarus + activities opposing it
    • Nuclear power in Finland + presentation of some SLL activities opposing it
    • Nuclear policy in Italy and CRBM campaigns in this field
    • Political situation in Latvia
    • Nuclear situation in Russia + activities opposing it
    • Nuclear policy in the UK and the resistance against nuclear weapons / power (focussing on CND)

07.00 pm:

08.30 pm:
Action preparation meeting

  • discussing the planned action(s)

11.00 pm:
Film about the difficulties of final disposal

March 26th
10.00 am:
Presentations of the nuclear situations in the participatory countries - continuation

12.00 pm:
Strange Victories - Meta-analysis of the anti-nuclear resistance in the USA

  • presentation about some issues of analysis and strategy for antinuclear movements

01.30 pm:
Nuclear Heritage website wiki workshop

03.00 pm:

05.00 pm:
Presentation of the uranium developments in Finland and resistance against it

07.00 pm:
Brainstorming about future activities

  • collect events, campaigns and projects that have been already planned for the next time
  • collect further activities to do together for the next time
  • select activities we should discuss and develop within this network meeting

09.00 pm:

11.00 pm:
Film: The Tenth Castor Transport to Gorleben

March 27th
10.00 am:
Prepare to switch the venue

  • we need to leave the place at noon, and we need to clean it before leaving
  • cleaning, arranging and packing of stuff...

12.00 pm:
Move to Kuusiluoto

  • to Kuusiluoto it takes by bus (to Helsinki, then another to next to Kuusiluoto) about 1h 15min - 1h30min
    • in our case it took four hours because there was no bus service on this day and the ordered taxi didn't appear
  • smaller group meeting: uranium protest postcards
  • smaller group meeting: Don't nuke the Climate activities at the COP preparation meetings in Bonn in April

05.00 pm:
Workshop phase II - activities

  • this is about the activities selected in the brainstorming on the day before
  • there should be several workshops parallel at the same time to introduce to the already planned activities or to discuss and develop new ideas; there could be also two or more parts within this phase if certain topics don't need the whole time - some workshops could be held one after the other
    • blockade meeting
      • details will be published later
    • Baltic Sea Info Tour presentation
      • it was a presentation of the general ideas of the project an updated about the schedule and financial situation in preparation for the workshop on the next day
    • smaller group meeting: Uranium exhibition meeting
      • We talked about the idea of an international multilingual exhibition to inform about uranium mining in general, the impacts to environment and peopl and the experince with it in some countries. There should be additional posters regarding the current situation in certain countries (e.g. Finland, Sweden, ...) that could be used separatly in certain places.
      • There will be a preparation meeting for the project in April in Helsinki. The start of the project will be not before autumn 2010. The beginning of the presentation of the exhibition could be scheduled for the winter.
      • The exhibition will be available online in several languages and we want to print at least the Finnish version and probably a German version (others would maybe have to be produced by groups in other countries themselves using the files).
      • The presentation of the exhibition is planned in public buildings such as libraries, community halls, museums etc. The exhibition should be combined with a programme of information events on the same topic to raise the public awareness.
    • meeting about Mayak Action Day and Uranium waste transport actions
      • cancelled; maybe to be discussed later by email
  • if possible we can make appointments for the further work on these projects/activities (e.g. about tasks or meetings)
  • select those topics we need to discuss more in detail during this meeting

08.00 pm:

  • smaller group meeting: Castor transport
    • cancelled
  • smaller group meeting: Raising awareness in some Baltic states
    • cancelled

Action at the WWF "Earth Hour" concert in Helsinki with a banner: "Turn off nuclear power - and not only for one hour"

  • this banner was showed at the WWF event and later in front of several government buildings and the parliament

March 28th
10.00 am:
Workshop phase III - deepening of selected activities

  • those topics selected in the morning can be discussed and developed more in detail now
  • there should be several workshops parallel at the same time if necessary; if they don't need the whole time to be discussed we could also separate this phase into several parts to held some workshops one after the other
    • 11.00 am: Baltic Sea Info Tour preparation meeting
      • We discussed alternative funding possibilities and made some agreements to get at least some 10,000 EUR for the project in the case that the EU funding shouldn't work. But we would need at least some 25,000 EUR to realize the Tour.
      • We also talked about the stops of the Tours and how to deal with those ones which haven't been finally confirmed by now. We decided to make a deadline until 4th of April. After that there will be time until 10th of April to fix the new schedule probably with additional Tour stops in Northern Sweden and Eurajoki (Finland). Then it has to be decided, because we have to start the promotion of the Tour broadly.
      • At the end of April the distribution of promotion materials has to be started. There will be a new postcard, an A5 flyer with more information and a poster. They will have the same design. Additionally we prepared an invitation letter / email to be spread in the middle of April to organizations, activists, mailing lists and interested people.
      • The activists from Belarus and Russia informed about the legal situation, repression and visa issues in their countries. We discussed some general points what we would risk and what not. Especially in Belarus very much is depending on the available money, because fines for any kind of political action have to be covered.
      • Another topic was the next preparation meeting that is proposed to take place in Germany at the beginning of May. We talked about how to organize that meeting and what topics should be discussed there.
    • 02.00 pm: Ranua Rescue meeting + Ranua Rapid Reaction Rabbits project
  • we should try to make these projects as clear as possible and to prepare as much as possible to be effective
    • 05.00 pm: smaller group meeting to discuss the Finnish application for the Baltic Sea Info Tour

08.00 pm:

09.30 pm:
Press conference preparation

  • the press invitation and the conference were discussed

March 29th
10.00 am:
Continuation of the Baltic Sea Info Tour preparation meeting

  • the discussed topics can be found in the comments on the last day's workshop...

02.00 pm:

04.00 pm:
smaller group meeting: dealing with some stuff connected to the Finnish Baltic Tour application

06.00 pm:

07.00 pm:
Evaluation of the meeting + last appointments

  • brainstorm impressions of the participants about the meeting, problems, good points, possible improvements + discuss them if necessary & possible
    • there was some criticism on the efficience of the meeting (many workshops couldn't be realized because of lack of concentration)
    • compliments to the kitchen group
    • there was some criticism on the venues and especially the transfer from one to the other (bus schedules had not been checked before, finally we lost many hours and motivation by switching the venues)
    • but many people also liked the venues, especially the atmosphere of the house on the Kuusiluoto island
    • there was some criticism on the way the preparation of the gathering was done (first no one from Finland to do it, later only SLL support - much work for few people)
    • personal exchange was great and important; some projects really benefitted by the meeting
    • there was criticism about the discussions in the press conference preparation meeting
    • it was a pity that not more people from Finland and from other countries could make it to the gathering
  • exchange contact details to stay in connection with each other
    • email addresses to be added to the mailing lists were gathered
    • some people exchanged their contact data
  • make appointments for next meetings + the next larger network meetings
    • hasn't been done yet...

09.00 pm:
Official end of the international network meeting in Finland

March 30th
11.00 am:
International press conference at the SLL office (Kotkankatu 9, Helsinki)

departure of the participants
(cleaning the place was done in the evening of Mar 29 and morning of Mar 30)

Postponed Workshops

Workshop phase I - "Network" projects

  • there should be several workshops parallel at the same time, good would be to discuss for example: the NukeNews Newsletter system, the international flyers project, the international network office to be started in Germany, maybe the Nuclear Baltic Sea map...
  • other "Network" project workshops possible

smaller group meeting: Nuclear Baltic Map

  • postponed to be done later by email

Workshop: Brainstorming about future activities

  • Baltic Sea Info Tour: June 23rd-August 24th, 2010
  • Don't Nuke the Climate campaign @ COP16 (UN conference) in Mexico: December 2010
  • Critical Statement of Belarus proposed NPPs
  • multilingual uranium exhibition
  • Demonstration against new NPPs in Finland in Helsinki (FIN): May 8th, 2010
  • annual Aldermaston March (usually Easter weekend) to London - Trafalgar Sq. (UK)
  • International Mayak Action Day: September 29th, 2010
  • Activities against the uranium waste transports from France to Russia (F/RUS)
  • regular Aldermaston Big Blockade (UK)
  • JUKSS in Leipzig (Youth Environmental Congress): over New Year 2010/2011
  • Rapid Reaction Rabbits Ranua (FIN)
  • Postcard protest against uranium mining in Finland to Ministry of Economy
  • Chernobyl Day actions: April 24th-26th, 2010
  • Castor transport blockades (D): November, 2010
  • Faslane blockades (UK): April 3rd, 2010
  • Nuclear Baltic map
  • Devonport blockade (UK): November 1st, 2010
  • Don't Nuke the Climate campaign @ COP16 preparation meetings in Bonn (D): April 8th-9th, 2010
  • blockade action
  • Raise awareness project - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus (LT, LV, EST, BY)
  • camp in summer 2010 (LT)

Baltic Sea Info Tour preparation meeting


  • Postcards with tour dates on the back and web address
    • How many languages? One language (english) with translations on web
    • Suggestions:
      • Radioactive symbols and dates at each stop
      • Map on front of postcard
      • "Child-like" drawing
  • Poster: Include blank box for local announcements in local language
  • Flyer: A5 English version and other languages in PDF
    • Not only "info tour" but also "activist tour"
    • Message / political demand
    • Information about the tour: aims, how does it work, schedule
    • How the tour helps with informing about radioactivity problem
    • Extended version of the postcards
  • Invitation text: For NGO's and Individuals- Via email and snail mail
  • Professional designers? We decided no - we got the skills within!
  • Latest Date to send the files to the printing company: April 14
  • Slogan (for postcard etc): "STOP NUCLEAR POWER - BALTIC SEA INFO TOUR 2010”"


  • Proposal:
    • Have International Coordinator and Local Press Coordinators
    • Should be sending the same focus / message, send release about whole tour before the start
  • Proposal for "rules":
    • Never say that there are good nuke facilities
    • Stop producing waste - not needed
    • Never make proposals about better places
    • Allow for time for veto of press statements


(see website)

  • Åland: OK
  • Helsinki: May change due to midsummer (maybe Isnäs/Loviisa first)
  • St. Petersburg: Got "informal yes"
  • Tallin: Probably no stop
  • Riga: 100% yes
  • Lithuania: Probably no stop
  • Belarus: Ok
  • Kaliningrad: ?
  • Poland: ?
  • Greifswald: No group yet, but it will work
  • Denmark: Still unclear
  • Malmö: Probably yes
  • Stockholm: Probably yes
  • Oulu: OK

Another stop in Finland (Eurajoki or uranium processing area) possible if schedule changes.

Also discussed: travel to Northern Sweden uranuim mining areas - Oulu - Eurajoki etc.

EVERYTHING connected to the schedule (places and dates) must be clear by APRIL 11.

Invitation letter will be sent by end of April.

Western Baltic Preperation Meeting

  • End of April / beginning of May
  • With public presentation
  • Probably in Greifswald
  • Who to invite?
    • Mailing list
    • Official partners from the broader region
    • Denmark
    • Malmö
    • Poland
    • Belgium
    • Netherlands
    • Austria
    • UK
  • Travel Costs:
    • RL-Stiftung
    • Participating organisations
  • Topics:
    • LeSabot's role
    • Additional funding (everything needs to be low cost - groups should try to organise money for themselves)
    • Further promotion
    • Visibility strategies
    • Local stops of individual people
    • Public relations issues
    • Means of transport (e.g. LeSabot gear)
    • Coordination / reliability


  • J. ask UK agencies for money (small amounts)
  • Others to do same for other countries? (J. will send english version to list)
  • SLL can't give money but regional subdivisions may be able
  • Azerbajan: Proposal for seminar in Baku in which J. and A. will present tour - hope to raise 4000 euro (200 participants to give 20 each)
    • 3,000 Euro also available if 6 registered NGOs apply and Azerbajan NGO logo is on material
      • B. will form application and send to Falk
  • Sweden: Milkas can probably arrange funding for Stockholm stop
  • EU / YIA Funding:
    • Latvia seems unlikely (40% chance)
    • Finland:
      • National agency likes project but wants to reduce budget
      • April 1 deadline - arranged through separate meeting
    • Germany:
      • no known problems - wait for their decision at the end of April
  • If one national agency works, there may be enough funding
  • If none of above work, Falk will arrange other money: some additional 2,000 to 4,000 EUR
  • General Issues:
    • Total / needed costs still impossible to calculate
    • Largest cost is travel
    • All costs depend on number of participants and how many can self-fund
    • Minimal budget approx 25,000 Euros


  • Need to know who is where and when
  • Need a person of coordination responsibility for each stop
  • Whole / Local tour coordinator/s for: Accommodation / Transport / Financial accounts / Media


  • Azerbaijani group
  • German activists
  • Finnish activists:
    • SLL
    • (Y)NUFF / RRAMM
    • others
  • Latvian activist
  • Russia activist
  • Belarus activist
  • CRBM - Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale (I)

Technical Equipment

For the presentations and workshops we had in Metsäpirtti:

  • laptops + projector
  • laser pointer

In Kuusiluoto we couldn't do much computer and presentations stuff, because there was not enough electricity as it is completely supplied by a small wind generator and a small solar panel.


  • food + renting the venue finally were funded by SLL and a donation from Italy, but we had more costs.
    • Metsäpirtti rent 24.3. - 27.3: 318 EUR
    • Kuusiluoto rent: 100 EUR
    • Gas for Kuusiluoto: about 40 EUR
    • Food 200 EUR (?)
    • bus tickets - self funded by the participants
  • some participants from far away countries need funding for their travelling costs - a total of some 1,700 EUR
    • a small amount of money was organized by German activists
    • who can help with donations/financial support for travelling costs?
  • there is one donation from Italy promised about some 100 EUR
  • some participants made further donations



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