News:OL3 NPP- Building in Serious Safety Problems in Finland

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OL3 NPP- Building in Serious Safety Problems in Finland

The Finnish Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority STUK says that the construction of the commercial nuclear reactor in Olkiluoto, which is to be the world’s largest, has not proceeded according to official requirements. STUK has demanded that the builder of the installation, the French company Areva correct faults with the automation that guides the plant.

A current affairs programme on YLE TV 2, the authority acquired a letter in which STUK warns Areva that the building site could be shut down if the automation is not fixed and approved.

According to STUK, the design of the automation does not meet the basic principles required for nuclear safety, and on this basis STUK does not see any possibilities to approve the automation for installation at Olkiluoto.

“Areva NP SAS was to have designed very important systems for safety, but unfortunately, the attitude or lack of professional knowledge of certain individuals who represented the organisation in question at meetings of experts prevent progress in solving the concerns”, states a letter addressed to the director-general of Areva.

There was no immediate comment from Areva.

Source: YLE