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Press release 7.6.2013

Case Pyhäjoki gathers international artists to Pyhäjoki

'Case Pyhäjoki - Artistic reflections on nuclear influence' is a transdisciplinary expedition and workshop in Pyhäjoki, North Ostrobothnia, Finland at 1.-11.8.2013. The sixth nuclear power plant of Finland is going to be build in Pyhäjoki. Case Pyhäjoki project aims to search perspectives trough art, science and different kinds of collaborations to the vast changes that are about to happen due to the building of the nuclear power plant. It also aims to explore the energy production and consumption solutions of the world.

The nuclear power plant is the example case of the workshop. It brings together politics, local and global economy, social aspects and environmental issues. People have strong opinions about the nuclear power plant. The community is divided to those who are for and against the plant. Case Pyhäjoki studies the local situation in Pyhäjoki and searches ways to collaborate with the locals even though the atmosphere might be intense. The workshop studies what the power plant means to the local people, to the Ostrobothnia area and what it means in national and international level. Trough artistic, creative works it explores what kind of paths the human kind can take to fourish in the future.

The program includes for example open public lectures and presentations dealing with nuclear power and related themes from different perspectives. In the end, there is an open presentation event in Parhalahti school to exhibit the results of the workshop. The more detailed program with schedule is published at

The participants of Case Pyhäjoki are 18 international artists and researchers. They are Ryoko Akama (JP/UK), Erich Berger (AU/FI), Brett Bloom (US/DK), Bonnie Fortune (US/DK), Carmen Fetz (AU), Martin Howse (UK/DE), Maarit Laihonen (FI), Pik Ki Leung (HK), Mikko Lipiäinen (FI), Helene von Oldenburg (DE), Opposite_Solutions (RO), Leena Pukki (FI) and Heidi Räsänen (FI). The artistic director of the project is artist Mari Keski-Korsu. Other members of the organising work group are researcher, artist and facilitator Andrew Paterson and artist Antye Greie-Ripatti. The local producer is Liisa Louhela.

Contact person:
Mari Keski-Korsu,
Artistic director and executive producer of Case Pyhäjoki
tel. +358 40 506 5871
e-mail mkk AT katastro.f

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