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Media Release
Thursday, June 8, 2017
- For immediate release -

International Anti-nuclear Activists, Organizers and Experts to gather:

International Anti-nuclear Summer Camp in Germany

DÖBELN - From July 17th-23rd, 2017 experts, organizers and activists from more than a dozen countries from three continents concerned about the ongoing atomic industry will gather in Döbeln, Germany, to strengthen the anti-nuclear struggles. The international anti-nuclear summer camp will focus on the uranium chain and on the lifetime extension of reactors or even construction of new ones. Registration is opened and interested people are welcome to get in touch and register for the participation in the gathering.

The Nuclear Heritage Network, a worldwide informal platform of anti-nuclear activists, is arranging this gathering which will bring some 60-100 participants from all over the world. They aim on connecting anti-nuclear initiatives, teaching on nuclear topics they are familiar with, and to strengthen the movement protesting the still powerful nuclear lobby. Since 2008 the Nuclear Heritage Network was the initiator of international gatherings like the upcoming one. They took place in different European countries like France, Finland, Czech Republic and Germany.

Uranium is the material which connects all struggles against atomic power as it appears in fuel, weapons, mining issue, nuclear waste, and as an element processed in the different stages of the uranium chain. The international summer camp will bring together organizers campaigning against the uranium industry, spread the word about their topics and help to bring activists from different fields together.

New reactors and lifetime extension of aging reactors are an urgent threat in spite of the national policies to phase out this dangerous technology deployed in several countries. Plans for additional of these risk plants and for extending the operation exist all over the world in contrast to the struggling atomic industries faced to economic obstacles - which always existed but have increased in context of the crisis of the capital markets. The summer gathering will be a platform for initiatives fighting against these developments. It will provide information on facilities and specific risks, but also aim for new partners in the resistance against the nuclear lobbyists.

A first draft of program has been published on the camp's webpage: . Participants can expect seven days full of information and impressions, workshops to develop mutual actions, a field trip to an abandoned uranium mine, skillsharing, actions and capacity building workshops to strengthen the anti-nuclear movement.

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