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Media Release
Monday, August 5, 2019
- for immediate release -

Nuclear propaganda won't solve the climate change problem

DÖBELN - While the eyes of the world are focused on the climate change crisis, the nuclear industry is trying to convince people that it is the best solution to it. As a response to this type of propaganda and other myths on nuclear power the International Anti-nuclear Summer Camp 2019 is being organized in Döbeln, Germany. The event which will take place from 12th till 18th of August will gather activists and organizers from all around the world.

The gathering, organized by the activists from eight countries from Europe, Asia and North America connected through the global information platform - Nuclear Heritage Network, will be a great chance for participants to take part in lectures, workshops and discussions on nuclear power. Renowned experts in the field will present topics as: nuclear power and climate change, Fukushima and Chernobyl impact, health effects of radioactive emissions, nuclear waste and leakage problems, uranium mining, and many others.

Participants will also share their experiences with each other and will talk about dishonest information on nuclear investments from the governments. The problem is especially drastic in countries which have problems in term of democracy. The camp will offer a rare chance to talk directly with political activists and experts from many countries.

Everyone interested in joining this outstanding international anti-nuclear event should register via email to camp2019 AT nuclear-heritage DOT net[1]. Information on the program and the composition of participants is provided on the camp‘s website:

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This media release has been provided by the "Nuclear Heritage Network". It is an international network of anti-nuclear activists. This informal alliance supports the worldwide anti-nuclear work. The Nuclear Heritage Network is no label, has no standard opinion and no representatives. All activists of the network speak for themselves or for the groups they represent.

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