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June 8th -21th Pyhäjoki, Finland Fennovoima nuclear power company plans to start building a new nuclear power plant on the ecologically valuable Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki, northwest of Finland. Let's stop this irresponsible and dangerous project!

Energy policy in Finland is still stuck on the centralized production of energy. The society is dependent on a few energy provider that collect the profits. Nuclear power is marketed as a solution for the climate crisis but this lie is easily uncovered: More and more fossil fuels are needed for the mining of uranium and for the placement of radioactive waste.

Nuclear power plants are the enemies of the more sustainable and decentralized renewable energy. The decentralized and horizontal production of energy is just one piece of the more equal society that we are headed to. The ecological and social crisis requires us to demolish the current model of economy and to build alternatives, where production provides equally for everyone's needs.

A struggle against one irresponsible project is part of the global struggle for maintaining the conditions for life on Earth. In recent years more and more people have successfully stopped ecologically and socially destructive projects by overturning political decisions. It is time to realize that also in Finland the acts of people are stronger than the words of politicians in changing the course of history.

Join us in stopping the construction of a 100 000-year problem, in its early stages!

People power against nuclear power! Anti-nuclear action camp is organized near Hanhikivi Cape June 8-21 by Hyökyaalto, a grassroots action network (Rising Tide Finland). During the camp we aim to learn and share skills and ideas on different forms of direct resistance. Participants are encouraged to provide programme related to the topics. Consensus decision making is preferred. Any kind of discrimination based on gender, sexuality, ethnicity etc. is strictly forbidden. Party political or nationalist signs do not belong to the camp.

More info will be updated soon:

Another camp will be organized simultaneously nearby. Better Energy!, by the Friends of the Earth Finland and other organizations, provides plenty of program and workshops on nuclear issues and better alternatives.

Better energy! Toward decentralized energy production:

Practical info

The camp will be located mainly outdoors. If possible bring your own tent and sleeping bag and warm clothes. The recommended donation for food and other costs is 3-8 euros per day, but it's negotiable, especially for people without income. Kids are welcome, but let us know beforehand if you are coming with kids, and what age they are, so that we can better prepare for all possible extra needs. If you would like to participate but you can't sleep in a tent for some reason, let us know and we can help you find some other accommodation nearby, but be prepared for extra costs. There will be solar power for charging mobiles or laptops, but mostly we will survive without electricity. Remember, the northern summer nights won't be dark! It's some kilometers to Pyhähoki town, we try to organize some extra bikes, but bring your own if possible!

Warnings! The cape is still, at least for a short while, an ecologically vulnerable area, so let's not ruin it, even if the company is doing so. Several kinds of rare birds are nesting in the early summer, so if you know your dog loves hunting, it might be better to leave it elsewhere. Loud music or noise is not recommended. The dangerous animals living at the site are the disease-spreading ticks. It's recommended to use some tick prevention and DO A TICK CHECK EVERYDAY! More info about risks and prevention is available if you need it.

There will be a legal group that will inform about Finnish law and practices, and help with possible trouble with the authorities, and a First Aid group formed by people with medical training. The food will be vegan. All working groups need more people to help, and drivers will also be needed. We wish that people will help with different tasks. People who take on responsibilities are not asked for donations for food.

Nearby, there will be another camp, "Better Energy!" organized by Friends of the Earth and other organizations. There will be some shared program and actions. There's different kinds of anti-nuclear people, so it's good to have different kinds of camps. This doesn't mean that anyone should feel forced to choose their camp – you are welcome to visit both of them! Better energy will provide more presentations on energy issues and a seminar on 13th of June, while our program will be more focused on action related important skills. Sunday 14th will be our common action day. See:

We want to build a world where people have power over their lives and environment, beyond states and parlamentarism, so we wish to not see party political signs or nationalistic symbols in the camp. We fight for the earth, not for any nation!

The capitalist economy system is one reason for inequality, but not the only one. Power relations start in everyday interaction - our revolution starts from abandoning ethnical, sexual and gender based power relations, in practice: discriminating behaviour due to someone's underprivileged traits will definitely not be accepted.

We'll have fun and enjoy the summer with wonderful people and new friends, but this time, it's better to do without drugs or alcohol. This is an action camp, and it's a safety matter that we keep ourselves sober. There's a nice karaoke bar in town where you can probably open conversations on nuclear issues with the locals!

It's an action camp – don't take photos without asking permission. Still, bring your camera! There will be visual activities to shoot, too.

How to get there: It's easiest to get to Finland by ferry, either Stocholm-Turku, Stocholm-Helsinki or Tallinn-Helsinki. Companies:,, Easy but expensive: Travemunde-Helsinki,

A bus will be organized to the camp from Helsinki (via Tampere) on 8th of June. Reserve a place in advance! If the bus places are filled early, we could arrange more rides! The bus costs 15€ one way.

Public busses: to Kokkola, Oulu (both 100km from Pyhäjoki) (Also few connection to Raahe/Pyhäjoki) See:,,

There are train connections to Raahe, Oulu or Kokkola, check discounts early enough – otherwise really expensive! See: We´ll help with organizing rides from the stations.

By car or hitchhiking:

  • From Turku: Straight road A8 from harbour in the direction of Pori (550km).
  • From Helsinki: A4/E75 to Jyväskylä, continue in Oulu direction, after Pihtipudas turn left to road 27 towards Haapajärvi. Turn right to E8 towards Pyhäjoki.

If you need a ride or you are coming by car with space for extra travellers, please contact us and we'll try to help with arranging rides. There's also a ride-share webpage to search for a cheap ride: We don't recommend flying, but as the location is quite distant it's one understandable option, especially as the Finnish public transport is quite expensive. The closest international airport is Oulu. There's also cheap flights to Tampere, and our bus drives through Tampere.

If you want to come earlier, we sure would need help with arranging the camp! Also if you need accommodation on the way in e.g. Helsinki or Turku, contact us and we'll arrange something.

Register by email as soon as possible, and you'll help us a lot! Email: hyokyaalto AT riseup DOT net[1] Tell us:

  • How many you are.
  • When you are coming and for how long.
  • If you need a ride or if you can offer one to someone else.
  • If you bring kids (age) or bird-friendly dogs.
  • If you can volunteer for some tasks or have some special skills that could be useful (translation, art, driving licenses, diy energy skills, anything)
  • If you want to provide some program, with short description and preferred dates.
  • If you have allergies or any special needs we should know.
  • How much you expect you'll be able to donate for food and other costs.

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