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Without having announced the updated nuclear power program (including the decision on whether to continue the first build plan or not), on 23 November, 2018, shortly before the UN Climate Summit (CoP24) was held in Katowice, the Polish Ministry of Energy (MoE) announced its draft 'Energy policy for PL through 2040' (PEP2040), submitting it for public consultation (which was closing on 15 January, 2019). Some of the Polish environmental NGOs noted that the draft was not accompanied by a draft SEA (strategic environmental assessment), therefore it is invalid and breeching the PL and EU law.

The draft PEP2040 comprises plans to build nuclear power units while maintaining coal burning by 2040 (its share to be decreased only to 30% in the mix), still with a 60 percent-share in 2030. 6 to even 9 GW(e) installed assigned to 6 reactors in total are envisaged till 2043. The sketched very general timeline of the start up of nuclear power units is postponed in comparison with the Polish nuclear power program strategy of 2014 (PNEP), theoretically still valid. Starting with the first unit in 2033 (comparing with the year 2025 so far), one new reactor is proposed for connection to the grid every two years, until 2043. The draft does not discuss any financing plan for the nuclear first build but proposing one in the future (not defined at all when) is one of the tasks within the PEP2040.

A conventional (pro-nuclear) description in EN has been published under this piece at the pronuclear WNN website:

The following report was published in EN by one of the PL think-tanks and it briefly discusses the whole draft PEP2040: