Stop Kola Nuclear Power Plant!

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Nature and Youth (Young Friends of the Earth Norway) and one of our sister organizations in Russia, Priroda i Molodezh, have since February this year had an ongoing petition for the closure of an old and dangerous nuclear power plant in the North-West of Russia. Three out of the four reactors at Kola NPP are operating beyond the 30-year recomended lifetime, which makes it even more risky not to shut it down.

Many different things have been done to spread information about our petition in both Norway and Russia. Close to Chernobyl day, 26th of April, Nature and Youth and Priroda i Molodezh arranged a facebook-campaign, where anyone that wanted to support and spread the campaign shared the website link, and changed their profilepicture to our campaign logo.

In Murmansk, about 20 miles away from where Kola NPP is located, Priroda i Molodezh arranged an action where they dressed up as doctors and gave out «iodine tablets» and nformation about the petition. The same day Nature and Youth had an action in Oslo where one of the members of Priroda i Molodezh got to meet the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and give him our requirements for the future of Kola NPP. In addition to this, Nature and Youth have 2 persons traveling around in Norway, visiting different schools and having presentations about the power plant in the period 1st of May to the 14th of June. By doing all of these different things, we hope that as many people as possible will get informed about Kola NPP, and why it should be closed.

If you also want to support our campaign and learn more about Kola NPP, visit to our website ( and sign the petition. Please make sure to share the link on facebook and/or twitter as well to make even more people aware of Kola NPP.

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