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The operator of the nuclear power plant Temelín is the Czech energy company ČEZ.

Temelín Nuclear Power Plant is situated approximately 24 km north of the regional capital České Budějovice. It generates electricity in two 1,000 MW production units fitted with VVER pressurized water reactors. Five villages with long historic record – Temelínec, Krtenov, Brezí, Knín, and Podhájí – were destroyed in connection with the power plant construction. The original Russian design of the reactors was modified during the construction, and the US company Westinghouse was chosen as the supplier of the control system and fuel. However, problems with the fuel supplied by the company resulted in a decision to shift for fuel supplied by the Russian company Tvel in 2010. The power plant completion date was postponed more than ten times and the budget increased repeatedly during the construction.

The NPP is highly controversial. It is a PWR of the VVER 1000 type. This formerly Soviet design is an enlarged version of the old VVER 440. In spite of some additional so-called safety features, the overall construction is problematical. The old VVER 440 is known among experts to be relatively easy to operate, quite in contrast to its "Big Brother". The completion of the Czech-Soviet plant with American technology raises fundamental compatibility and thus safety problems, a concern held by numerous experts.

There were many protest actions in Austria against the Temelín, including border blockades. The protests got criticism from left ecologists. The FPÖ, a right-wing-party, played an important role in the protest.

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