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June 27th 2010
Kind of a rough news week worlwide in the last week. A lot of this had to do with a major PR push coming out of a major meeting in the middle east promoting nuclear energy. At the end of the conference the US signed an agreement with Kuwait to promote nuclear development there. Also, the Italian high court tossed out legal requests by 10 regions demanding that they get control over where new reactors could be located. Areva put out a report card on how much money it has lost at its Olkiluoto facility in Finland, that was followed shortly by a counter from Greenpeace saying that Areva was hiding the true cost overruns. The safety agency HSE in charge of evaluating the safety issues around the AP-1000 and EPR reactor designs also put out a report claiming major progress had been made in resolving issues. It was also followed by a Greenpeace report. And in a PR stunt we are seeing a number of stories claiming that Bush's GNEP project has found new wings, which is an open lie. The IAEA has never let the project die, having even selected Russia and Kazakhstan to become one of the first global nuclear fuel banks...

There were a number of stories around the world about new reactor plans as well as a report from IEER on the state of India's push to radically weaken any kind of serious liability issues for American nuclear companies working there. The process of pushing the legislation has been given to Hillary Clinton's state department.

In the USA there is news that Obama's $36 billion loan proposal for new reactors is having trouble!

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