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On 17th June, 2017, we in London held a conference, "No Need For Nuclear: The Renewables Are Here", in Conway Hall, London. We filmed the 16 speakers, and made 16 little videos of their speeches and their slide presentations, (plus one of the welcoming/intro speeches.) Here is a link to the videos.


Conference in Conway Hall, London, 17th June 2017, with 16 speakers.

List of videos/speakers/topics/links:

  1. Welcome speeches. Dr Ian Fairlie, Dr Carl Clowes, Caroline Lucas, Kate Hudson. 10m 55s.

Session One. What is wrong with nuclear power?

  1. Dr Ian Fairlie: Radiation and radioactivity dangers. 17m 19s.
  2. Dr David Toke: Nuclear and renewables costs compared.15m 03s.
  3. Prof Tim Mousseau: Continuing effects at Chernobyl and Fukushima. 16m 55s.
  4. Prof Andrew Blowers: The legacy of nuclear power. Followed by questions/answers. 34m 01s.

Session Two: The Politics of Nuclear Power

  1. Prof Steve Thomas: Why Hinkley Point C is unlikely to ever start. 18m 15s.
  2. Kelvin Hopkins MP: Can Labour change its policy on new nuclear build? 14m 35s.
  3. Dr Molly Scott Cato MEP: How would the Green Party do it differently? 14m 37s.
  4. Chris Baugh, PCS: Jobs: the Trade Union perspective. Followed by questions/answers. 29m 22s.

Session Three: UK Energy Demand, Energy Supply

  1. Andrew Warren: Energy Demand; do we really need new nuclear? 17m 56s.
  2. Dr Tom Burke: Recent changes in UK Energy Policy. 14m 22s.
  3. Antony Froggatt: Effects of proposed Brexit and Euratom exit on nuclear policies. 14m 24s.
  4. Dr Doug Parr: UK Energy and Industrial Strategies; Is nuclear an answer to climate change? Followed by questions/answers. 34m 14s.

Session Four: The Renewables

  1. Prof David Elliot: Renewable energy options. 15m 42s.
  2. Prof Godfrey Boyle: Future renewable scenarios for the world, Europe and the UK. 10m 02s.
  3. Alasdair Cameron: Winning the renewables argument. 13m 13s.
  4. Amelia Womack: Where we've done well. Followed by questions/answers. 38m 05s.