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upcoming events in France

Hello Atomi, I have just added some Upcoming Events in France. Could you please read and correct my contributions because i'm a begginer on this wiki. sincerely, --HerveL (talk) 21:13, 17 August 2017 (CEST)

Looks fine. I only made little formatting corrections, you can see them in the "History" card of the page. --ATOMI (talk) 11:57, 21 August 2017 (CEST)
BTW: I prefer to end the description of the venue of an event with "in CITY:" to have a common format; sometimes it is difficult, maybe not really possible. But would be nice to figure if a city can be mentioned. It makes it easier for foreigners to get an idea... And a question: I recognized in French it seems usual to have a _space_ before a _doublepoint_ - right? If you think it should be done like this also for the English page on French events, we might make it in the same format for all events in future on the French upcoming events page... What do you think? --ATOMI (talk) 11:57, 21 August 2017 (CEST)