World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2017 released

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12th of September, 2017, the new World Nuclear Industry Status Report in the 2017 edition has been published. Independent nuclear consultants Mycle Schneider and Antony Froggatt are the main authors of this critical annual report that sketches the ongoing decline of the global nuclear industry, that has been published every year since 2007. It is an important, if not the most relevant, study on the development of commercial atomic reactors in the world. The authors not only compare statistical data on constructions starts, cancellations and closures, but analyze the economic situation of nuclear operators and the atomic policies in several countries. While the report shows again that the nuclear industry is in a financial crisis and affordable prices on electricity produced by atomic power plants remains an illusion, it also points out the rapid development of the competing renewable energy installations.

With S. David Freeman's[1] words:

"The report makes clear, in telling detail, that the debate is over. Nuclear power has been eclipsed
by the sun and the wind. These renewable, free-fuel sources are no longer a dream or a projection -
they are a reality that are replacing nuclear as the preferred choice for new power plants

The recent report as well as those of the decade before can be downloaded for free on the website of Mycle Schneider's Consulting Project.

Executive summary:

Complete report:

  1. S. David Freeman is the author of the 2017 report's foreword
  2. Schneider, Mycle/Froggatt, Antony: The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2017; A Mycle Schneider Consulting Project; Paris, September 2017; p. 10