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country page

I put this page to the "country page" box; would be good to update and expand this article... --Falk 16:00, 2 November 2008 (CET)

Castor resistance - newspaper source

I think the source "The Age" (this Australian newspaper) seems not to be a good one. It contains wrong information such as Greenpeace protesters would have chained themselves "to the trucks" (which suggests it would be the Castor trucks), but they were chained to another truck. They write about nearly 1,000 protesters in Gorleben (the blockade of people sitting in front of the main gate of the temporary disposal site), but there were 1,200 blockaders. And the most important point for me is that they write that it would have been the most violent protest since several years - I don't know what idea of "violence" these people have, but I fear they don't mean police violence. The activists who were locked-on at the tracks near the German-French borders are called "militants"... The article reports about burning barricades on the tracks... (I can't remember this - maybe they mean those on the roads in the days before the transport arrived?) ... and claim that the protesters and police were injured while police tried to extinguish the fire - what is not true. Most activists were injured while sitting non-violent on the tracks or on the road when police used violence against them to make make them go "voluntarily". Mabe it would be better not to use this source which is full of wrong information. --Falk 11:04, 20 November 2008 (CET)