Action:Infotour Around The Baltic Sea/Skype Meeting May 2009

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Baltic Sea Map with locations of nuclear industry


  1. how does everybody feel about the project and the organising process?
    • The organizing process:
      • None of us has managed to work as much on the project as we thought on last meeting in April. Currently, there's not enough people to realize this project without at least someone burning out.
      • Now, until the Nuclear Climate Camp (in Lapland 20-26.7.09) we won't put energy into the project except for what we personally feel comfortable with doing.
    • The project:
      • there are different opinions and feelings about the project; some think it could be too big or get too much oriented towards established NGOs or media publicity activism; some think it is too short or we should have more time for really getting to know the local people and to visit more places...
      • one conclusion was that we need to make clear how we want this project to be to prevent that we work hard on it and don't like the result in the end...
  2. how to communicate and do the preparation work (it should work! - experience: between meetings nearly nothing will be done)
    • Skype meetings seem to work fine. Next time will be sometime after the Nuclear Climate Camp.
    • Several people from finland have expressed interest in participating in the tour organizing later, but are currently busy; the question is of course if they are going to be as busy later too.

Some have also said that it's hard to think/focus now on a project that's so far away in time, when there's lots of things happening sooner. This might also be an issue to consider when trying to find partner groups.

    • The future of this project now depends quite much on the input/feedback from the workshop/meeting at the Nuclear Climate Camp in Lapland (20-26.7.09): if there are people that want to contribute to the project, how people want the project to be etc.
  1. open questions?
    1. workshops & info spreading at several climate camps - who is going where? -we'll ask around
  2. what has been done since the last meeting, what will be done soon?
    • several people told about their activities up to now...
    1. finding contact persons/organisations
    2. EU-money application

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