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If you like to be informed about nuclear issues in different countries, you can subscribe to different newsletters which are released by activists participating in the Nuclear-Heritage Network.

NukeNews newsletters

The NukeNews are a multilingual system of newsletters made by anti-nuclear activists from several countries to inform other activists and the interested public about atomic policies and developments in their regions, about anti-nuclear campaigns and actions, and to spread the word about topics they are working on. The email newsletters are released every three months since in June 2011. The NukeNews are a join in project - there is no professional staff of editors, but engaged anti-nuclear people running it. The basic idea is to inform people in other countries about the developments and activities in your country or region. Thus, it is a tool for networking and for information exchange.

Subscribe NukeNews in your preferred language:
Czech edition English edition French edition
German edition Russian edition Slovenian edition

Translation-NukeNews mailing list

This mailing list is to be used to collect articles in English language to (translate and) use them for periodic email newsletters on anti-nuke topics.

The idea is that people from different countries can send their information to the translation-nukenews mailing list - in English please, so people have a chance to understand what it's about. On this list there should be the people who translate messages into their languages and those people who compile the different newsletters (at the moment: eng-nukenews, fin-nukenews, fra-nukenews, ger-nukenews and rus-nukenews). This list should be used to make agreements about the date when the newsletters will be published, so people from different countries (with different mother tongues) are handled equally.



Nuclear-Heritage mailing list

This is the mailing list of the campaign "Europe's Nuclear Heritage". It aims at connecting anti-nuclear activists, support actions and their work, to ease communication, give information about internationally relevant things in this field and to organize common activities and meetings.

With the background of the anti-nuclear campaign "Europe's Nuclear Heritage", which started in Germany in 2006, an international network of anti-nuclear activists is developing. On different meetings and events in 2008 we had workshops on building such a network and asked people if they want to take part in this. So there are now some 90 people on our contact lists from Austria, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia and UK. Not all of them are organized activists and not all of them will actively take part in the network. But it is a good start.

In August 2008 we had a first network meeting in Bure, France. The next one was in Germany at New Year 2008/2009 (at the so called "Youth Environmental Congress"). You can find some notes from these meetings on the page The next meeting is scheduled to be in Slovenia near to the Austrian border in August 2009. We will try to organize some money for the travelling costs, but we can't promise this.

For communication we have created a mailing list: nuclear-heritage ÄT[1]. This list is thought to be used for networking, connecting people, discussions on the theme of the list, information about international anti-nuclear activities and all that is connected to these things. You can subscribe to this list online or you send an e-mail to nuclear-heritage-subscribe ÄT[1].

For information of the public and for collecting background information, dates of events and activities and for documentation we will use the web page of the campaign "Europe's Nuclear Heritage". This is a "Wiki" page, what means, that everybody who has registered themselves, can write information to this page.

So we hope you are interested in this network and like to join it:


  • If the form should not work, follow this link!

German mailing list for International Nuclear Issues

Befor the Nuclear Heritage Network had been developed there was a project with the same title in Germany which had the aim to work internationally on nuclear issues. For this project ("Europas Atomerbe") a mailinglist had been created. It is used in German language and aimed at people who want to organize the project or who want to be informed about nuclear topics around the world (in German language). Thus this mailinglist is similar to the Nuclear Heritage mailinglist, but it is not used so frequently and the messages differ, because usually only German e-mails will be forwarded.

You can subscribe to the mailinglist:


Nuclear Baltic Project mailing list

This is a project mailing list with the focus on the brochure about nuclear impacts to the Baltic Sea. We will collect all information and materials on the website http://NuclearBaltic.Nuclear-Heritage.NET for the preparation of the brochure.

This mailing list is meant to be used to discuss the brochure and Nuclear Baltic Sea map on the internet and to organize this project.

Please do not forward off-topic emails to this special project mailing list. You can subscribe other mailing lists if you want to communicate about more general or other issues.

Subscribe to the mailinglist and support the project using our message form.

External listserves

abc mailing list

Anti-NPP listserve of the Aktionsbuendnis CASTOR-Widerstand Neckarwestheim German

The "abc" mailing list is a kind of newsletter. Who subscribed the listserve will receive anti-NPP information (for instance about Castor transport or interim repository) from the region around the Neckarwestheim NPP. There is also the possibility to post anti-NPP information from the region to the listserve.

You will receive for instance press releases of the Aktionsbuendnis, dates of events, hints to actions in the Neckarwestheim area, (local) media coverage etc. via this listserve. The mailing list is not supposed to be used for discussions.

This mailing list is especially supposed to be used as an alert list in connection to atomic waste transports from the GKN Neckarwestheim NPP as well as in connection to other actions in Germany's southwest

Antiatom-Bündnis Potsdam mailing list

Local Potsdam anti-nuclear association in connection to Friends of the Earth Germany German

Anti-Atom-Ost mailing list

This listserve is supposed to be used for networking between anti-nuclear activists in Eastern Germany. German

It hasn't been used for a long time yet.


International anti-nuclear mailing list

This list was created in the follow-up of the Fukushima accident, trying to bring together the huge anti-nuclear momentum that started growing up worldwide. The need from this list came from the lack of articulation of initiatives and dates at the international level. Therefore, it's main aim is to find an articulation between the different movements, both by adjusting dates, but also sharing relevant information for international solidarity and campaigning.

The list currently includes activists from the anti-nuclear movement in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Uruguay.

If you are active in the anti-nuclear movement somewhere in the world, you are invited to subscribe to this list:



A mailing list gathering and distributing mostly German news on atomic topics - hundreds of e-mails every week! Sometimes just links to articles, but also full text messages.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 For protection against automatical email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol.