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Nuclear waste posing at an Olkiluoto sign
Press conference
Spreading information materials to the local public...
Nuclear waste having fun...
...walking around in the historical center of Rauma distributing flyers
Singing anti-nuclear versions of popular songs at Rauma's market quare
Info stall
Länsi-Suomi (August 17, 2010)
Turun Sanomat (August 14, 2010)

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Tour Stop in Olkiluoto/Rauma

Olkiluoto is the location of one of two nuclear power plants in Finland. It is situated by the Western coast of Finland, some 250 kilometers northwest of Helsinki. On the site of the NPP also a final disposal site for low and medium level radioactive waste is located. The Finnish final repository for high level radioactive waste is proposed to be realized at this location, too.[1]

Olkiluoto is an island only separated by a narrow sound from the mainland, connected by a bridge.[2] Olkiluoto is owned by the nuclear industry. It is part of the municipalty of Eurajoki, but the next (and biggest) city is Rauma, located only some 25 kilometers south of the nuclear power plant[2].

As we want to make plain to the Finnish government and the international nuclear industry that they have to expect strong resistance against their plans to extend the nuclear developments, the Baltic Sea Info Tour came back to Finland in the end. We were not only starting our action in this country that is refered to as a proof of the so-called Nuclear Renaissance - we also enforced our demand of a nuclear free world by ending up in Finland again. Thus we wanted to show our solidarity and support of the local anti-nuclear movements.

The Baltic Sea Info Tour stopped from August 14-16 in Olkiluoto/Rauma. We provided a public information event, a public street action and a regional network gathering here.

Local contact

Friends of the Earth Finland

Travel Schedule of the Olkiluoto Stop

  • Thursday - Friday (Aug 12-13): travelling from the previous stop in Stockholm to Olkiluoto/Rauma
  • Saturday - Monday (Aug 14-16): STOP in Olkiluoto/Rauma
  • Tuesday (Aug 17): travelling to the next stop in Oulu

Programme of the Infotour in Rauma


  • arrival to Nihattula (place close to Rauma)


09:00 wakeup, breakfast, morning meeting
11:00 Olkiluoto excursion
15:00 lunch in Nihattula
16:00 action training
- principals
- technics
19:00 social evening


09:00 wakeup, breakfast, morning meeting
11:00 Olkiluoto excursion and performance
13:00 lunch
14:00 network gathering


08:00 wakeup, breakfast, morning meeting, preparations for street action
09:00 transition to Rauma
10:00 street action - part I
12:00 media conference
13:00 lunch (in Rauma)
14:00 street action - part II
17:00 Baltic Sea – most radioactive sea in the world, seminar
19:00 getting back to Nihattula


  • departure

Other Information about the Olkiluoto Stop

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Images of the Anti-Nuclear Festival close to Olkiluoto: