International Uranium Film Festival 2012

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The International Uranium Film Festival wants to inform the global societies - especially the Brazilian and Latin American societies - about the whole nuclear fuel chain, about the dangers of radioactivity, about the environmental and health risks of uranium exploration, mining, processing and about nuclear waste. It wants to stimulate the production of independent documentaries and movies about any nuclear issue.

Societies and peoples have the right of choice. But every decision needs at first information. The festival founders believe that independent information is cruel for the global citizens, because independent information is the base for independent decisions. The annual Uranium Film Festival is important not only for Brazil, Latin America and other Portuguese speaking countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Uranium Film Festival is a global event with satellite festivals in other countries.

The first International Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro, May 2011, had an audience of about 1000 people, many of them Students and Teachers and international guests from USA, Costa Rica and South Africa. The Festival was such a success that it received invitations from other Brazilian cities and other countries like Costa Rica, Germany, India, Namibia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania and USA. After Rio de Janeiro, we already organized Satellite Uranium Film Festivals in the Brazilian Capitals São Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Natal and João Pessoa and in Portugal.

Damacio A. Lopez, USA (Executive director of the International Depleted Uranium Study Team – IDUST) said about the Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro 2011: "In my 25 years as an anti-DU activist this experience (Uranium Film Festival) has been a highlight in the exposure of a very serious problem that faces mankind today: The use of radioactive waste as a military weapon."

The 2nd International Uranium Film Festival is scheduled for June/July 2012 in Rio de Janeiro when there will be also the huge UN Earth Summit (Rio plus 20) in Rio.