RanuaRescue: Public Meeting on November 7th 2009

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Audience: some 50 people (not all in the picture) attended the event
Speech of Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake
Speech of Ulla Valovesi
(vegan) Cookies for the event


  • on November 7th, 2009 at 3 pm a seminar will be hold in Ranua for information of local people and council members about the threats of uranium mining at Ranua primary school (Aapiskuja 6)
  • this schedule is a draft - changes possible!
  • before the seminar, at 12 pm, a demonstration organized by residents of Ranua will take place - the first rally Ranua ever has seen!
  • sorry, the schedule is only a Google translation of the Finnish version - please don't mind the quality of the language

15:00-15:30: The teacher and the nuclear activist Ulla Klötzer: "Uranium and the life cycle wastes"

15.30-16.00: Anthropologist Ulla Valovesi: "Uranium mining, nuclear testing and nuclear waste, the impact on local communities, the experience Southwest United States"

16.30-17.30: Physics, Dr. Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake, worked as a professor University of Bremen: "Health effects of uranium mining workers and residents, the experience in Germany"

17.30-18.00: discussions with coffee

18.00-18.30: Greetings from the other movements opposed to the uranium mines in Finland and elsewhere in the world

18.30-19.00: Final discussions, thanks to everybody, end of the seminar

Press release 28.10.2009
Ranua Rescue Areva Mining Monitors


Ranua Rescue is arranging a seminar about the health effects of uranium mining on Saturday 7th of November 2009 at 3 pm at the Primary school building of Ranua, Aapiskuja 6. In Ranua Rescue's discussion event the focus will be on the risks created by uranium against people's health, and the effects of nuclear industry on communities.

Speaking at the event will be Doctor of Physics Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake who has worked at Bremen University, Anthropologist Ulla Valovesi and citizen activist Ulla Klötzer. On the schedule is also to discuss the possibilities for citizens to affect things in a situation where the local community is confronted with an influentious industry complex.

The information event, which is open to everyone, is arranged as a counterweight to an administration-focused event closed from the public. A closed info event was arranged for the municipal council delegates on Wednesday 14.10.2009, with introductions by representatives from Radiation Safety Center of Finland (STUK), Ministry of Employment and the Economy (TEM), as well as Lapland Environmental Center. Representants from the mining company Areva, and the organisation Laplanders against uranium power, had spoken turns.

Ranua Rescue have with support of local people put up a camp at Asentolamminoja creek in Ranua, to monitor Areva's activities in the area. The international Ranua Rescue is the first campaign to stop uranium industry projects that have taken to going out to the field. Within the campaign, there have been appeals to authorities and demonstrations in several regions, also internationally. The goal is to stop all of Areva's prospecting in the area for good.

Presentations on the 7th of November 2009:

Doctor of Physics Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake, who has worked at Bremen University:
"Health effects of Uranium mining activities on workers and inhabitants"

Anthropologist Ulla Valovesi:
"The effects of uranium mines, nuclear tests, and nuclear waste on indigenous peoples' lands"

Teacher and nuclear activist Ulla Klötzer: "The lifecycle of uranium and the waste".

The Municipal Council of Ranua will vote about their stance on the mining claim application of Areva Resources Oy, on the 16th of November 2009.

More info and interview requests:

Ranua Rescue
Tarna Kannisto phone (+358)40 7319823
(Abroad until 1.11.2009, until the contact through email ranuarescue AT gmail.com[1])

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