International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Some impressions and thoughts about anti-nuclear summer camp in Döbeln

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<= Summer Camp 2012

Generally, I really enjoyed the International Anti-nuclear Gathering, because I was given an opportunity to look at the issues of nuclear industry from various sides of it. Accordingly, this leads to think more critically about nuclear industry and find counterarguments against pro-nuclear propaganda, which was common at the time before the referendum for Visaginas NPP started in Lithuania. Additionally, I was impressed by visiting Czech Republic where we met pleasant local people who live in the territory where mining of uranium proceeded years ago and visiting the exact place there where the cleaning of environment proceeds until now. So, here I was given more extensive understanding about the impacts to environment and people of mining the uranium ore. Also, it is important that I have learned about many anti-nuclear actions across Europe. In that way, there is a possibility to join these actions in the future. What is more, I liked friendly environment and much strenuous people who were sharing their experience during the workshops, presentations and discussions. It was fun to meet new people, improve communication skills and even try experiencing journey to Germany.