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A Red Card For Atomic Energy!

Instead of keeping the deal, the four big energy companies RWE, EON, Vattenfall and ENBW want to keep their atomic power plants running. Clearly, it is highly profitable: with each single one of them plugged in they make a daily extra profit of half a million Euros. The German government and the big business have a common interest: profit for the cost of safety.

But: every atomic power plant is a ticking timebomb. Every gram of atomic waste that is produced is one too much. We are at the brink to a new age of energy policies: will it continue with outdated dinosaur technologies or will we step up the expansion of renewable energy?

Renewables already have the alternatives, it is merely a matter of implementation. The future is renewable – alongside with energy saving and energy efficiency programs.

Atomic Waste Without End

Worldwide there is not one final depository for atomic wastes. This is because of a simple reason: the devilish stuff is highly poisonous and must be kept safely away from the biosphere for at least one million years. This is an utterly impossible enterprise. How quickly the plans of a safe disposal will topple, can be seen at the sites of two final depositories for highly radioactive wastes: Asse II and Morsleben. Being both salt mines, the former is drowning, whereas the latter is tumbling down. The promise of 30,000 generations of safeness is being is refuted by one generation of complete unsafeness, to reveal the falsehood of the fairytale of a safe and sound final disposal option for atomic wastes.

We demand consequences: Stop producing more atomic waste – you, dear government, cannot even handle the existing stuff.

They Will Not Get Through With It At Gorleben!

Democracy ends, when atomic wastes come into play: on Oct. 1St 2010 the so-called exploration of the salt dome at Gorleben has been taken up again. All without the partipication of public interest and public opinion. The illegal construction of a de-facto depository is being finished under governmental protection. We know it is a mistake, as the site is completely unsuited. The salt dome has ground water contact, it is far too close to existing gas fields. The decision to choose Gorleben was never grounded on geolocial, but political reasons. Gorleben was chosen without searching for any alternative locations, it was chosen for arbitrary political reasons.

„Exploration“ until ready for storage? Not with us!

Criss-Crossing Atomic Transports

Whensoever the Castor convoy is rolling from La Hague to Gorleben, it is only a pretentious image that there something moving within the atomic wastes disposal issue. The fact is, it is only only being carted from A to B where it is parked in a breezy shed.

Whether it is Ahaus, Greifswald, Gorleben: atomic waste transports are highly riskful, which we are not willing to accept.

Come To The Wendland!

Let´s take a choice with hands, heart, feet and brain when the next Castor transport is shipped to the Wendland: A red card for atomic energy. Take resistance against atomic energy. They will not get trough with it at Gorleben! Stop Castor, quit the atomic nonsense! Now!