Intergovernmental commission supported long-term operation of Krsko NPP

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In the second half of July the Intergovernmental Commission for monitoring the implementation of the intergovernmental agreement assessed the last five years operation and business of Krško Nuclear Power Plant to be very good, supported the prolongation of operating period and gave its consent for the construction of a dry storage for spent nuclear fuel at the NPP site.

On 20th of July the Intergovernmental Commission for monitoring the implementation of the agreement between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia was reconvening about editing status and other legal issues, related to investing in Krško NPP, exploitation and decommissioning. The delegations were headed by the Slovenian Minister for Infrastructure Peter Gašperšič and the Croatian Minister for Economy Ivan Vrdoljak.

After completion of administrative proceedings, when the Slovenian administration for nuclear safety approved amendments of the final safety report and the technical specifications in connection with the prolongation of operation period of Krško NPP from 40 to 60 years, the Intergovernmental Commisson in accordance with the contract supported the decision of shareholders for prolongation life-time NPP Krško until 2043.

Because of the new circumstances related to the extended life era of Krško NPP within three months the Intergovernmental Commission's tasked professional organizations will have to prepare a proposal of project assignments for making a revision of the disposal program for radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel as well as a revision of the NPP Krško decommissioning program.

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