International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Camp/Camp Rules

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Camp Rules

We are no big fans of rules, however, here are basic things about the camp you need to know. Your presence in the camp means that you have accepted everything written below.

  • Be responsible for yourself and respect others.
  • Be tolerant. We have people from different cultural and social backgrounds here.
  • No racism, no sexism.
  • All disagreements need to be solved in a non-violent way.
  • The camp's working language is English. It is also the main communication language.
  • Be ready to participate in preparation and cleaning of the camp site.
  • Participants need to depart from the camp not later than August 4 (for organizational reasons of the host of the camp site).
  • Food we provide here is basically vegan.
  • Sorry, pets are not allowed in this camp.