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Presentations list

Use this page to add your workshops, presentations and topics you want to offer in the anti-nuclear summer camp:

  • What is the Nuclear Heritage Network? (presentation; Falk)
  • new video and pictures of a supposed uranium mine in Poland (Jer.)
  • presentation of the anti-nuclear resistance in Kaliningrad (Ser.)
  • introduction to the European initiative for a nuclear phaseout (Seb.)
  • presentation of the atomic situation in France (A. & St.)
  • presentation of the urgewald campaign "Ich bin doch kein Atombürger" (K.)
urgewald is a german environmental and human rights organization. Since 1992 urgewald is organizing campaign against investors and financiers. Because without credits and without investors there can't be built a nuclear power plant, a dam or a pipeline. The campaign to change electricity provider and the campaign „ how radioactive is my bank?“ is supposed to motivate citizens to become active against financing atomic energy. The urgewald-campaign „I ́m not a nuclear citizen!“ is directed against the nuclear export guaranties of the Federal Government.
In order to facilitate german exports, the Federal Government allocates so called „Hermesbürgschaften“ (Hermesguaranties). They are like an assurance for the exporters, for illiquidity oft he customers. The Federal government made a principle commitment to AREVA for a guarantee about 1.3 billion euro, for building the reactor Angra 3 in Brazil. This principle commitment is not yet changed into a final guarantee.
Together with attac and campact, urgewald organized protests in front of the chancellors office and in more than 50 cities, supported by local anti nuclear groups. Also in Brazil demonstrations against Hermesguaranties took place.
urgewald and Greenpeace called a press conference, where an expert from Brazil briefed on the dangers for the local population at the Angra site and the shortcomings of security regulations. With online-protest and protest-postcards to Mrs. Merkel and the member of German parliament, urgewald wants to encourage the Federal Government to revoke the Angra-guarantee and to stop also the nuclear-funding into other countries. The Federal Government got an export report from AREVA and is waiting now for a stress test from Brazil to make a decision in case of this Hermesguarantee.
  • presentation of the atomic situation in Lithuania (L. & ?)

In the topics wish list you can see what participants wish to learn about in the camp, but hasn't been offered yet.