International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting in Döbeln/Skype conference 09.06.2012

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Minutes of Skype conference 09.06.2012

report on was has been discussed during the day:

Promotion of the camp

  • L. will write an international press release, which will be sent to the media circa June 26-27
  • also L. will promote the camp on Hospitality Club, CouchSurfing and BeWelcome
  • K. will create a Facebook event for the camp (DONE)
  • K. will also promote our camp in the camp in Poland (July 23-29) if they will be confirmed as a participant
  • L. and V. will do additional promotion in Lithuania

Protection & Safety

  • 1st aid kits need to be provided
  • participants will be asked if they have skills in first aid
  • fire estinguishers will be organized for the camp
  • there will be an emergency (mobile) phone number for both information and emergency purposes (e.g. if someone is lost on the way)
  • camp rules will be made. We will try to make as short and simple as possible. Basic rules: no discrimination, no violence, etc.
  • smokers will have a separate area for smoking
  • given that fascist organizations may be interested in this camp in order to disturb it, participants will be warned about the possible danger and action plan for such situation will be prepared

Excursion to a nuclear facility in the Czech Republic or Germany

  • Czech Republic is more interesting for the project
  • Germany is more like an alternative in case the Czech Republic doesn't work out
  • Falk will contact people in the Czech Republic and find out if they can help with organization of such excursion

Comments and suggestions by the others who were not in the meeting. It was agreed to hold another Skype conference the next day (June 10 at 10.00 am to discuss the program.