PR:Anti-Trident Demos Across Scotland on Saturday 16th July

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Scottish Scrap Trident Coalition

Press release 11th July 2016

Anti-Trident Demos Across Scotland on Saturday 16th July

In response to the announcement by the UK prime minister that a vote on the renewal of the UK’s Trident system will be held Commons on 18th July demonstrations will take place in towns and cities across Scotland on Saturday 16th July at 12 noon.

In spite of the short notice, protests have already been arranged for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, East Kilbride, Dundee, Stirling, Ayr, Biggar, Largs and Wick and others are flooding in.[1] Endorsed by the Proclaimers they are calling for “Trident No More”, and iconic independence artist Stewart Bremner has captured their aspirations with a powerful graphic.

Jane Tallents said: “People across Scotland will be braced for yet another decision by Westminster politicians to be imposed on us. But it must be challenged and not swept away from public scrutiny or media attention. We won’t be silenced!”

Meanwhile a delegation will travel to the mass lobby of the UK parliament on Wednesday, carrying pleas from people in every constituency in Scotland to our MPs, not only to ask them to vote against renewal (as 57 of the 59 have already said they will do) but also to demand that the UK abandons its boycott of the UN negotiations in August and work with other states for a nuclear weapons ban.[2]

David Mackenzie said: “On the face of it the UK government will win Commons support for their intention to renew Trident. Yet a block of the SNP, the Greens, Lib Dems and Labour MPs could seek for a delay to the decision, given the current political chaos.

But let’s be clear - this is not about some strategic abstraction. If you vote for renewal you are indicating your readiness to kill millions of people, to cause hideous suffering to many more and to risk triggering a global climate catastrophe. Scottish independence is the most likely route to disarming the UK but this horrific intention must be challenged.”

Contact: David Mackenzie +44 7876593016 Brian Larkin +44 7584 492257

  1. Agreed venues are:
    Edinburgh: the Mound, Princes St
    Dundee: City Square
    Stirling: King St
    Ayr: Café Nero
    Biggar: Corn Exchange
    Largs: Main Street
    Wick: Outside Wetherspoons
    Aberdeen: The Castlegate
    East Kilbride: Bus station
    Glasgow: to be confirmed
    Full updated detail at
  2. The message to the MPs is:
    People living in Scotland appreciate that nearly all our MPs are opposed to Trident and its replacement and thank them for standing firm. We ask them further to press the UK Government to participate in the UN working group on nuclear weapons when it meets in August and to ensure that Scotland's views are represented. We ask our MPs to call on the UK Government to do all it can to eliminate and prohibit nuclear weapons.