PR:EU State Aid Regulators' Slap in the Face on Climate Change

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18th September 2014
For Immediate Release

EU State Aid Regulators' Slap in the Face on Climate Change

Reuters has claimed that the European Union state aid regulators are set to approve a deal between the UK Government and EDF Energy which could see up to £17bn worth of subsidies given to the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear station.[1]

Stop Hinkley Campaign spokesperson Allan Jeffrey said:

"Surely the job of the European Competition Commissioner is to make sure taxpayers' and electricity consumers' money is spent on the most cost effective measures to reduce carbon emissions and provide energy security. Hinkley Point C is neither. The most cost effective way to reduce carbon emissions is to use energy more efficiently, but this Government’s energy efficiency programmes have been a disaster. And renewable technologies are being unfairly constrained despite the fact that solar and offshore wind are likely to be cheaper than nuclear by 2023, and could start generating much sooner."[2][3]
"Climate Change will be at the top of the global agenda this week-end with Ban Ki Moon’s emergency meeting of world leaders taking place in New Yorkon Sunday. If this deal goes ahead it will be a slap in the face for Ban Ki Moon because our efforts to tackle this urgent problem will be severely constrained."

It should be noted that the Reuters story is based on “industry sources”. Even then Reuters says the Hinkley deal approval could come with some conditions. And the UK Government has been asked to submit further information by the end of next week. If the Commission isn’t satisfied a decision could be delayed until next year.


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Notes to Editors:

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  3. Stop Hinkley made a Joint Submissionwith the Nuclear Free Local Authorities and Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe inMarch 2014. The submission is available here:
  4. For protection against automatic email address robots searching for addresses to send spam to them this email address has been made unreadable for them. To get a correct mail address you have to displace "AT" by the @-symbol and "DOT" by the dot-character (".").