PR:Japanese and British citizens join together in London to mark 3rd anniversary of Fukushima nuclear disaster Remember Fukushima - No to Nuclear Power Mon 10th, Tue 11th & Sat 15th March 2014

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Joint Press Release from Himawari JAN UK, Kick Nuclear & CND
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Press Release
8th Mar 2014

Japanese and British citizens join together in London to mark 3rd anniversary of Fukushima nuclear disaster Remember Fukushima - No to Nuclear Power Mon 10th, Tue 11th & Sat 15th March 2014

Japanese and British citizens groups are jointly hosting a series of events in London to mark the third anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster during the week of many similar events around the world. See below for the events details.

Fukushima is an ongoing catastrophe. On 11th March 2011, a massive earthquake triggered the triple melt-down of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors. 160,000 people were forced to leave their homes. Many are still living in temporary accommodation with little compensation or support. facing a terrible choice between returning to their heavily contaminated homes and villages and abandoning them in order to stay away from contamination. Radiation has entered the biosphere and being concentrated though food chain. There is an abnormally high number of thyroid cancer cases in Fukushima children.

The stricken reactors continue to pour 400 tons a day of highly radioactive water into the Pacific, with no end in sight. The reactor buildings are impossible for humans to enter, due to lethal doses of radioactivity. Already weakened, they are in danger of collapse in any further earthquake, which could cause the spent fuels pool to drain and the fuel rods to catching fire. This would lead to permanent contamination and evacuation of half of Japan.

The vast majority of people in Japan now want nuclear power to be abolished. Despite the strength of anti-nuclear sentiment and high risk of further apocalypse, Japanese government is planning to revive nuclear industry, by restarting nuclear reactors in Japan and exporting nuclear technology to many countries including UK.

Throughout the events, organisers aim to send a clear message, ‘Learn from Fukushima. Say no to nuclear power before it’s too late.' and to present the vision of a sustainable future.

Further information on the current state of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant can be found here: ENE NEWS or Simply Info

Events details

Public Meeting

7-9pm, Monday 10th March
Committee Room 10, House of Commons
What lessons should we learn from Fukushima?
Expert speakers: Dr Paul Dorfman, Dr David Lowry, Dr Chantal Gahinger
Citizen speaker: Rik (Kick Nuclear), Geoff Read (Strong Children Japan), nuclear evacuee
There will be Q&A and discussion.

Candle-lit Vigil

6-8pm, Tuesday 11th March (3rd Fukushima anniversary)
Outside Japanese Embassy, 101 Piccadilly, near Green Park tube station
We will be thinking of people, families and communities affected by the triple disaster
Candles, Fukushima evacuee's experience, 2 minutes silence, speeches on effects of Fukushima on people and society, songs, Buddhist chanting and open-microphone

March to the Parliament & Rally

12:30pm, Saturday 15th March
Hyde Park Corner to Parliament
Meet: 12:30pm by Hyde Park Corner tube station, near the “Hyde Park” exit for 1pm start.
March via Japanese Embassy and offices of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO – the operator of Fukushima Daiichi), Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square to Parliament.
Rally: 3:00–4:30pm at Old Palace Yard, opposite House of Lords.
Speakers include fashion designer Katharine Hamnett, Samarendra Das from India's anti-nuclear power campaign, Fukushima evacuees, campaigners from South West Against Nuclear, Nuclear Free Lakeland & Green Party, letter to Japanese government. There will also be music, singing, a human chain, a die-in and a minute silence, and open microphone.

Events are jointly organised by

  • Himawari JAN UK
  • Kick Nuclear
  • CND

For further information

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