PR:Media Invitation: Symbolic "nuclear timebomb" at the Frankfurt Stock Market

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2. Januar 2009

Media Invitation

International activists will deliver a symbolic "nuclear time bomb" to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for the New Year's opening day of business, January 2, 2009.

The "bomb" represents the lethal mistakes of financing and investing in the nuclear industry; an industry that should be decommissioned not revived. Nuclear power is neither clean nor safe, and is not an acceptable solution for the climate change crisis.

Activists from Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Scotland and Russia seek to bring attention to and shame companies such as Cooper Minerals, Areva, EoN, Siemens, ENBW, Vatenfall and RWE.

The "nuclear time bomb" (which is an obvious non-lethal / non-threatening performance prop) will be delivered at 11 am.

Time: 11:00 am January 2, 2009

Place: Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Contacts: +447624194877
Cecile Lecomte French German Languages
Senni Luosujärvi Finnish Language
Jason Wallace English Language

Website for photos and background information: