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Uranium Power Meets Local and International Resistance in Finland

People from ten countries across Europe are gathering in Finnish Lapland this week to support the local resistance against planned uranium mines and nuclear power plants. Nuclear Free Finland has brought together international youth organisations and local movements for a week of events highlighting the dangers of nuclear power and the possibilities of truly sustainable alternatives.

“We are gathering here in Tervola to support a community struggling against a potential uranium mine in their midst and a proposed nuclear power plant next door. Despite the community in Tervola, up to and including the municipal council, rejecting uranium extraction the decisions will be made in Helsinki, with the initial decision on the uranium mine expected this summer” said Andrey Ozharovskiy of Ecodefense. Russia.

As part of the week of activities Youth for a Nuclear Free Finland have organised an International Youth Exchange for Nuclear Free Sustainable Living. Young people from Belgium to the Baltic will be sharing information, making connections and developing their visions of a nuclear free, genuinely sustainable future.

“Nuclear power is an international issue. Radioactive contamination can spread far beyond national borders. We are here to stand with the people of Tervola, as we stand with all people opposing the nuclear threat to our future” said Ruta Vimba from Latvia.

There will be a press conference at 10:00 on Tuesday 21st July at the camp at Seurantie 5, Tervola. On Wednesday 22nd there will public hearings and demonstrations on nuclear power in both Simo and Kemi.

The camp is being supported by Friends of the Earth Finland, Finnish Nature Conservation League and other local organisations. The International Youth Exchange for Nuclear Free Sustainable Living has been partly funded by a grant from the EU's Youth in Action program.

For more information email media AT[1] or call +358 40 466 3805. Interviews are available in Finnish, English, German, Dutch, Russian, Latvian, Swedish, Spanish, Romanian, and French

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