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This template indicates uploaded material lacking a source or information about the author of the item. This information has to be added by the ones who are uploading items. Afterwards the box can be removed again.

The most reasonable location for this template is the very top of a media page. This is the line you need to include to the page to implement the template:

{{source missing}}

That's how the template eventually looks like:

This item lacks the information on the source or author of this uploaded file. This is an important piece of information to avoid legal obstacles, because we have to make sure no violation of copyright, trademark right or whatever is occuring (independently whether or not we agree with the specific law). That's why you are supposed to only upload copyright free items or files you have the permission of the copyright owner to do this.

Please add this information immediately. In case of weblinks add the complete web address. If it is not obvious, please add information on copyright (permission/not copyright protected/your own property).

After adding the lacking information, you can remove this box from the file page.