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Roughly every two months we are having working meetings for the Atomic Threats In The Baltic Sea Region project. These meetings are supposed to develop the project, do important discussions and decisions, and they are a space for working groups and project groups to meet in person. Thus, they are a chance to work concentrated on a specific project. For instance, the book project utilizes these meetings to investigate on atomic facilities, to write articles and to give feedback and hints to each other.

These meetings can take place in different locations, and last for one week. It is not expected that everybody participates in all meetings. Travel costs for these meetings are covered up to 70% by the grant we received; if necessary, we can talk about covering more, too.


Currently there are no new working meetings scheduled.

To fix the dates of the working meetings of the granted project time, we had set up doodles in August/September 2013. At the planning meeting in September 2013 we chosed the dates fitting best for most people.

Additionally, there can be more working meetings arranged by project groups themselves. If they need travel costs support, we will try to figure out what is possible. For this, please contact the finances group first!

Check the Upcoming events of the project section to find additional group meetings.

past meetings

past follow-up meetings

  • March 2015 working meeting: March 2-8, 2015 - (final reports etc.) in Döbeln, Germany