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To Do list

This list includes the tasks people already committed to care about. A list of open tasks we need volunteers for shows what also have to be done.

  1. Facebook event => K. ASAP (DONE)
    • invite friends + add links and flyers to the website
    • update from time to time
    • promote it on anti-nuclear Facebook pages + share on the profile
  2. Send out flyers by post => Falk (DONE)
    • letter to groups asking for participation
    • bringing up own topics + promotion
    • several camp flyers
    • Olkiluoto blockade flyers
    • Sailing Tour flyers
    • Polish camp flyers
  3. International media release => L. (draft) (DONE)
    • translate to other languages (+ adapt it a bit to local context of this country)
      • German: => B. ASAP
    • send press contacts to Falk
    • send out press release to all international media contacts (1st: one month before, 2nd a few days before) => Falk
    • add press release to website + Facebook event => Falk
  4. German media release => Falk (adapt it to German and local context) ASAP
    • basis: international media release
    • different versions for different regions: local, Saxony, Germany
    • 1st: one month before the camp (~ 27th of June)
    • 2nd: one week before the camp (~19th of July)
    • 3rd: a few days before the camp (~27th of July)
    • add press release to website and Facebook event
  5. Contact to uranium people in the Czech Republic => Falk ASAP
    • call to the Czech person as they didn't respond by email yet => B. (DONE)
      • August 1st: visit of uranium mine where they do clean up with chemicals; meeting with local group objecting the uranium industry's activities there - the local group needs information how many participants will join the excursion
  6. Make sure our gathering will be promoted directly in Polish camp (July 23-29) => K. (July)
    • negotiate with EYFA about joining our camp -> the possibility to leave Poland 1 day earlier (DONE)
    • send flyers to the camp (via Berlin) => Falk (DONE)
  7. Send camp flyers to partner groups => Falk (DONE)
  8. Promote gathering on Hospitality Club, Couch Surfing and BeWelcome => L. (DONE)
  9. invitation emails to people interested in Nuclear Heritage Network's network gatherings => Falk (DONE)
  10. invitation emails to international contacts => Falk (ASAP)
  11. setting up a food list => M. (DONE)
  12. asking around for someone to design an internet banner => M. & everyone else (ASAP)
  13. asking around for someone to design a poster => M. & everyone else (ASAP)
  14. tell Azerbaijan people to support them with 400 EUR for their travel costs => Falk (DONE)
  15. invite to next Skype conference on the mailing list => K. (DONE)
  16. send email contacts of partner groups to M. => Falk (DONE)
  17. invite to next Skype conference via SMS => M. (DONE)